The landscape of communication has undergone a profound transformation with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and individuals alike have shifted from traditional in-person meetings to the realm of virtual interactions. This transition has been facilitated by the widespread adoption of video conferencing, and the demand for seamless, feature-rich video chat experiences has given rise to the importance of Video Calling Software Development Kits (SDKs).

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 Video Calling SDKs for 2024, delving into their features, advantages, drawbacks, and pricing structures. These SDKs play a crucial role in enabling developers to integrate high-quality video communication into their applications, fostering real-time connections across various platforms.

What is a Video Calling SDK?

Before we delve into the details, let's establish what a Video Calling SDK is. An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of tools, libraries, and documentation that empowers developers to seamlessly integrate specific functionalities into their applications. In the context of video calling, a Video Calling SDK provides the necessary components for developers to incorporate real-time video communication features into their software.

Key Features to Consider

When evaluating Video Calling SDKs, it's essential to consider key features that contribute to a superior user experience:

  1. Quality of Service (QoS): Ensures high-quality video and audio streaming, adapting to varying network conditions for a smooth user experience.
  2. Reliability: A reliable SDK minimizes downtime, handles errors robustly, and incorporates redundancy measures for uninterrupted video calls.
  3. User Interface (UI) Support: Enables developers to create user-friendly interfaces that align with the application's branding, ensuring a seamless visual experience.
  4. Scalability: The SDK should scale effortlessly to accommodate a growing user base and varying traffic loads.
  5. Content Sharing and Recording: Facilitates content and screen sharing during calls, adding versatility to the video chat experience.
  6. Customization: Provides flexibility for developers to customize the SDK to meet specific application requirements.
  7. Polls and Engagement Features: Incorporates polling features for engaging participants, particularly useful in webinars and educational sessions.
  8. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop, for broad accessibility.
  9. Security: Implements robust security measures, such as end-to-end encryption and access controls, to safeguard user information.
  10. Developer Support: Offers comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and responsive customer support for effective integration and troubleshooting.

Here are the top ten video calling SDKs are Dyte, Agora, Twilio Video, Vonage Video, Apphitect, Mirrorfly, GetStream, Sinch, Cometchat, and EnableX. These vendors offer various features, pricing options, and more. You can carefully consider these options based on your specific needs.

Top 10 Video Calling SDKs

  1. Dyte
  2. Agora
  3. Twilio Video
  4. Apphitect
  5. Vonage
  6. Mirrorfly
  7. GetStream
  8. Sinch
  9. EnableX
  10. CometChat

Now, let's explore the top 10 Video Calling SDKs for 2024.

1. Dyte Video Calling SDK

Empower your applications with Dyte Video Calling SDK, a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance user engagement and collaboration. Explore an array of cutting-edge features designed to elevate your communication platform.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Call Recording: Capture important moments with ease, ensuring valuable discussions are never lost.
  • Live Streaming: Broadcast events and connect with a global audience through seamless live streaming capabilities.
  • Webinars: Host interactive webinars, engaging your audience with dynamic content and real-time interaction.
  • Live Transcription, Translation: Break language barriers with live transcription and translation, fostering inclusive communication.
  • Chatting, Polling, Quizzes: Foster engagement and interaction with built-in chat, polling, and quiz functionalities.
  • RTMP Streaming: Extend your reach by integrating RTMP streaming, reaching users across diverse platforms.
  • Exceptional 1:1 Customer Support: Receive dedicated support to ensure a smooth integration process and ongoing assistance.
  • Value for Money: Maximize your investment with a feature-rich solution that offers a cost-effective pricing model.
  • Custom UI Support: Tailor the user interface to align with your brand identity and user experience preferences.
  • Minimal Coding Effort: Streamline the integration process with an SDK that minimizes the coding effort required.
  • Compliance Standards: Rest easy with SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance, ensuring the security and privacy of your users.

Transparent Pricing Structure:

Experience Dyte Video Calling SDK with confidence, thanks to our transparent pricing structure:

  • Free Tier: Enjoy 10,000 free minutes monthly, allowing you to explore the capabilities of our SDK.
  • Pay-as-You-Grow: Beyond the free tier, pay only $0.004 per user per minute, ensuring a scalable and cost-effective solution.
  • Additional Charges: Tailor your plan with optional add-ons, including charges for recordings and RTMP-out, providing flexibility based on your specific needs.

2. Agora Video Calling SDK

The Agora Video Calling SDK is positioned as a solution intended to address the requirements of real-time communication across various applications. With its comprehensive feature set, this SDK is considered a reliable option for users seeking a well-rounded and smooth communication experience.

Key Features :

  • Medium-Quality Voice and Video Calls: Delivering reliable audio and video quality, the SDK ensures a satisfactory communication experience.
  • Noise Reduction: Incorporating advanced noise reduction technology, the SDK enhances call quality by minimizing background disturbances.
  • Low Latency: Facilitate real-time interaction with low-latency communication, providing responsiveness during calls.
  • Interactive Whiteboard: Foster collaboration through interactive whiteboard features, promoting creativity and teamwork.
  • Cloud Recording: Easily record and store calls in the cloud for convenient access and reference.
  • Voice and Video Calling: Enjoy the flexibility of both voice and video calling options for a versatile communication experience.


  • No Polling Option: The absence of a polling feature might limit certain interactive functionalities during sessions.
  • Limited Hosting and Participant Roles: The SDK has constraints regarding hosting and participant roles, potentially impacting certain use cases.
  • UI Kit Inflexibility: Users may encounter limitations in terms of customizing the user interface, affecting adaptability.


Agora's Pricing has two options: a free tier with 10,000 minutes of video and recording per month, ideal for small-scale projects or initial exploration, and a pay-as-you-go model starting at $3.99 per 1,000 minutes of HD video per participant.

For higher usage, the pay-as-you-go plan automatically applies discounts, potentially reducing costs to $1.99 per 1,000 minutes. Please note that minutes are measured per participant per session, so a one-hour call with two users doubles your usage.

Additional features like higher video resolutions and tools like AI noise suppression may incur separate charges. By comparing the free tier, tiered discounts, and additional feature costs, you can choose the pricing structure that best aligns with your project requirements and budget.

3. Twilio Video Calling SDK

At the forefront of modern video communication solutions, the Twilio Video Calling SDK is presented as a  tool capable of transforming applications into real-time communication platforms. This SDK is designed to provide developers with a rich set of features, aiming to deliver a seamless integration experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

Formerly recognized in modern video communication solutions, the Twilio Video Calling SDK was positioned as a comprehensive tool skilled at transforming applications into immersive, real-time communication platforms. Despite its meticulous design to offer developers a rich set of features and a seamless integration experience spanning geographical boundaries, it is important to note that Twilio Video is now undergoing shutdown, so in case you aren't already, you should start looking for a Twilio Video Alternative & Replacement.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Flexible APIs: Twilio's Video Calling SDK empowers developers with a suite of flexible APIs, allowing them to seamlessly integrate video communication capabilities into diverse applications with ease.
  • Global Infrastructure: A standout feature is the SDK's utilization of a global infrastructure, ensuring that video calls are not only high-quality but also low-latency, catering to users across different geographical locations.
  • Built-in Intelligence: Infused with built-in intelligence, the SDK goes beyond basic video calling, incorporating smart features and optimizations to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Quick Integrations: Developers appreciate the efficiency of quick integrations, enabling them to expedite the incorporation of Twilio's Video Calling SDK into their applications without compromising on functionality.
  • Highly Scalable and Reliable: Scalability and reliability are hallmarks of Twilio, ensuring a consistent and reliable video calling experience even as user numbers scale, making it an ideal choice for applications with dynamic user bases.
  • GDPR and HIPAA-compliant: Recognizing the importance of data protection, the SDK complies with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, providing a secure foundation for applications handling sensitive information.

Cons :

  • No Auto-Reconnect: One notable limitation is the absence of an auto-reconnect feature, which may impact user experience during network interruptions, necessitating manual reconnection.
  • Limited UI Support: While offering extensive functionality, the SDK may present some challenges in terms of UI support, requiring additional development efforts for applications with specific design requirements.
  • Additional Charges for Composite Recording: Users should be aware that composite recording, while available, comes with additional charges, making it essential to factor in cost considerations for applications requiring this feature.


Twilio's SDK pricing caters to diverse needs with both pay-as-you-go and subscription options. Pay-as-you-go charges vary based on specific products and features used, such as messages sent, minutes of voice calls, or activated hours in contact centers.

Messaging starts at $0.0079 per SMS in the US, while voice calls begin at the same price per minute. For products like Flex contact centers, a pay-per-hour or named user subscription model exists.

A free tier offering limited access to several products is available for testing purposes. Volume discounts automatically apply for high usage of specific services, like messaging and phone numbers. Remember to account for different phone number types (long code, toll-free, short code) and potential charges for advanced features like call recording. B

4. Apphitect Video Calling SDK

The Apphitect Video Calling SDK is positioned as a customizable and white-labeled solution, emphasizing exceptional scalability for a seamless video calling experience. While catering to advanced users, it provides a  platform for businesses looking to integrate interactive video communication.

Key Features:

  • Customization and White-labeling: Tailor the video calling experience to align with your brand identity through extensive customization options.
  • Scalability: Built to handle increasing demands, ensuring a smooth and reliable video calling experience even as user numbers grow.
  • Support for Large Groups: Facilitates video calls with up to 100 participants, making it suitable for group discussions and conference chats.
  • Group Calls and Conferencing: Enables users to engage in group calls and participate in conference chats, enhancing collaborative communication.


  • Learning Curve: The SDK may pose a challenge for beginners due to its complexity, requiring users to invest time in understanding its features and functionalities.
  • Customer Support Speed: Users may experience delays in customer support response times, potentially impacting issue resolution efficiency.
  • AR and VR Integration Complexity: Integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features may be complex, demanding additional expertise in these areas.


Apphitect's SDK pricing deviates from the traditional subscription model by offering a one-time license purchase for unrestricted access. The cost varies based on your projected user base, desired customization, and preferred hosting (self-hosted or Apphitect's cloud).

Carefully consider your scaling needs, potential feature modifications, and technical expertise when making a decision.

While the upfront cost might seem steeper than subscription models, long-term ownership can be cost-effective for high-usage projects or those expecting significant user growth. To determine the ideal license, consider getting a custom quote and comparing the one-time fee against ongoing subscription costs of alternatives.

5. Vonage Video Calling SDK

The Vonage Video Calling SDK is known for its comprehensive features designed to enhance the video communication experience across various applications. This software development kit prioritizes security and compliance, making it a potential choice for applications where privacy and regulatory adherence are important considerations.

Key Features and Pros:

  1. Encrypted Video Recordings: Security is at the forefront, ensuring that video recordings are encrypted, providing a robust layer of protection for sensitive content and user data.
  2. Embedding Video Chats: The SDK facilitates seamless integration of video chats into applications, fostering enhanced user engagement and facilitating effective communication.
  3. GDPR and HIPAA Compliance: Recognizing the importance of regulatory standards, the SDK complies with GDPR and HIPAA, addressing data protection and privacy requirements for users in various industries.
  • Video Stream Customization: Enjoy the flexibility of tailoring video streams to meet specific application requirements, allowing for a personalized and unique user experience.
  • HLS and RTMP Streaming: The SDK supports versatile streaming options, including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), enabling optimal video delivery across different platforms and networks.
  • Video Analytics: Gain valuable insights into user interactions with the inclusion of comprehensive video analytics. This feature empowers developers and businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize user experiences, and enhance overall performance.


  • High Coding Effort: Implementing the SDK may require a considerable coding effort. Developers need to possess technical expertise to ensure smooth integration and maximize the benefits of the SDK.
  • No UI Support: The absence of built-in user interface components means that additional design and development efforts may be necessary to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the application.
  • Additional Charges for Composite Recording: Users should be aware that certain features, such as composite recording, may come with additional charges. Clear understanding of the pricing structure is essential to avoid unexpected costs.


Vonage provides flexible pricing options to accommodate diverse communication needs. The widely adopted "Pay-as-you-go" model allows users to pay only for the minutes they utilize, with no upfront costs. In the United States and Canada, voice calls are priced at $0.009 per minute, SMS at $0.0079 per message, and basic video at $0.035 per minute per participant, with additional costs for advanced features like recording and screen sharing.

Vonage provides automatic volume discounts based on monthly usage. Users can benefit from a 5% discount for 100,000 to 499,999 minutes, a 7% discount for 500,000 to 999,999 minutes, and a substantial 10% discount for usage ranging from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 minutes. These volume discounts make Vonage's pricing structure appealing to businesses with varying scales of communication requirements.

In case you are looking, here's a handy list of Tokbox alternatives

6. MirrorFly Video Calling SDK

Integrate the MirrorFly Video Calling SDK into your applications, a solution designed to enhance user engagement through seamless communication experiences. Whether you're developing a messaging app, social platform, or any application requiring video and voice capabilities, MirrorFly provides required support.

Key Features and Pros:

  • Free Chat SDKs: Begin with the essentials using our free chat SDKs to integrate messaging functionality effortlessly.
  • 21-Day Free Trial for Voice and Video Calls: Experience the full spectrum of our capabilities with a complimentary 21-day trial of our high-quality voice and video call SDKs.
  • Dedicated Cloud Servers: Ensure optimal performance and reliability with MirrorFly's dedicated cloud servers, offering a scalable infrastructure for your communication needs.
  • Multi-Tenancy Support: Seamlessly manage multiple users or clients with our multi-tenancy support, providing a versatile solution for diverse applications.
  • One-Time License Cost Option: Enjoy cost efficiency with our one-time license cost option, providing a transparent and economical pricing model.
  • White-Label Chat Solution: Customize the user experience and maintain brand consistency through our white-label chat solution, tailored to suit your application's unique identity.
  • On-Premise Hosting: Take control of your data and security with on-premise hosting options, ensuring compliance and meeting specific regulatory requirements.


  • Complexity and Time-Consuming: The extensive features may require a learning curve, making initial implementation complex and time-consuming.
  • Lack of Detailed Documentation: While we strive for simplicity, some users may find our documentation lacking in comprehensive detail.
  • Limitations in Customization: While our solution offers customization options, there may be limitations in certain aspects, restricting full freedom in tailoring the platform.


The payment options for the service include a flexible pay-as-you-go model, catering to projects with varying usage patterns. Users are billed solely for the utilized features and minutes, with pricing commencing at $0.003 per message for chat, $0.005 per minute per participant for audio calls, and $0.008 per minute per participant (HD) or $0.015 per minute per participant (Full HD) for video calls. Notably, there are no upfront costs or minimum commitments associated with this option. Additionally, volume discounts are automatically applied based on monthly usage, ranging from a 5% discount for 5,000 to 10,000 minutes to custom quotes and pricing negotiations for 30,000+ minutes.

On the other hand, a free tier is available, providing a limited yet functional feature set for testing and prototyping purposes. This option includes 10,000 minutes of chat, video, and audio calls per month—an ideal choice for small projects or the initial exploration of the platform.

7. GetStream Video Calling SDK

Improve your applications with the advanced GetStream Video Calling SDK, crafted to enhance user interactions through smooth video communication. This SDK introduces a range of features to guarantee a good  experience for users.

Key Features:

  • 1-to-1 and Group Calls: Foster direct connections or bring together multiple participants in group calls effortlessly.
  • Live Broadcasting: Amplify your reach by integrating live broadcasting capabilities for real-time engagement with your audience.
  • File Sharing: Enhance collaboration with the ability to share files seamlessly during video calls.
  • Call Recording: Capture and revisit important moments with the built-in call recording feature.
  • Video Conferencing: Conduct productive video conferences within your application, facilitating efficient team collaborations.
  • Screen Sharing: Boost interaction by sharing screens, enabling users to showcase presentations or collaborate on projects seamlessly.


  • Documentation Challenges: Users may encounter hurdles in navigating the documentation, requiring additional clarity.
  • Advanced Customization Complexity: While offering extensive customization options, advanced configurations may pose challenges for some developers.
  • Customer Support Response Delay: Users may experience delays in customer support response, impacting the resolution time for queries or issues.


GetStream provides a Free Tier tailored for makers and early-stage projects meeting specific criteria, including having fewer than 5 team members and generating less than $10k in monthly revenue. This tier offers core chat features along with a limited number of monthly active users (MAUs). It serves as an excellent option for users interested in exploring GetStream's capabilities without a financial commitment.

For those seeking more advanced features, GetStream offers two Paid Tiers. The Start tier, priced at $499/month (billed annually) or $399/month (billed monthly), is geared towards small to medium-sized businesses. It includes higher MAU limits and additional features like user presence, read receipts, threaded conversations, and message reactions. The Elevate tier, available at $675/month (billed annually) or $599/month (billed monthly), is designed for larger teams and more demanding use cases. It provides further increased MAU limits and advanced features such as message search, channel moderation, custom channel types, and analytics/reporting.

For high-volume usage and specific needs, GetStream offers the Enterprise Tier with custom pricing. This tier caters to individual requirements by providing tailored solutions, service level agreements (SLAs), and dedicated support.

8. Sinch Video Calling SDK

Advance  your application's video communication capabilities with the Sinch Video Calling SDK, a powerful solution designed to enhance user interactions through seamless video communication. Dive into a world of advanced features that ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for your users.

Features :

  • Hybrid Platform Support: Enables seamless integration across diverse operating systems, expanding your application's accessibility.
  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability: Ensures a robust and secure video calling environment, meeting the stringent standards required for enterprise-level communications.
  • Custom Video Filters and Masks: Personalize user experiences by integrating unique video filters and masks, adding a creative and engaging dimension to video calls.
  • Free Trial for New Customers: Offers a risk-free trial period, allowing new users to explore and evaluate the capabilities of the Sinch Video Calling SDK before committing to a subscription.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Facilitates smooth communication across various platforms, enhancing inclusivity and extending the reach of your application.


  • Delayed Customer Support: Users may experience delays in obtaining customer support assistance, potentially impacting the prompt resolution of queries or issues.
  • Integration May Require Technical Expertise: While powerful, the integration process may pose challenges for developers without advanced technical proficiency, necessitating a learning curve.


Sinch adopts a flexible pricing approach, foregoing a general "SDK pricing" model as it tailors costs to specific service requirements and usage volumes. For low-volume users or those exploring Sinch's services, a pay-as-you-go option is available. Costs under this model are determined by the specific product (SMS, Voice, etc.) and the destination country or region.

For high-volume users, custom volume discounts can be negotiated with Sinch. This option provides the opportunity for a significant reduction in per-unit costs compared to the pay-as-you-go model. Sinch also provides pre-configured packages designed to meet particular communication needs, such as Conversational Marketing or Customer Service. These packages bundle related services (SMS, Chat, Voice) with a fixed monthly fee.

To facilitate exploration and evaluation, Sinch extends free trials for most of their services. This allows users to assess functionality before making a commitment, providing a risk-free opportunity to test the suitability of the services for their specific requirements.

9. EnableX Video Calling SDK

Elevate your application's video communication capabilities with the EnableX Video Calling SDK, offering a range of features designed to enhance user interactions and collaboration.

Features and Pros:

  • Customizable UI kits: Tailor the user interface to align with your application's aesthetic, providing a seamless and branded experience.
  • Up to 2000 participants in a video conference call: Foster large-scale collaboration by facilitating video conference calls with a substantial number of participants.
  • Enhanced security standards (E2E, AES-512): Prioritize user privacy and data security through end-to-end encryption and robust AES-512 standards.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Ensure a broad user reach with compatibility across multiple platforms, making it convenient for users on various devices.
  • Intuitive API: Simplify integration and development processes with an intuitive API, streamlining the implementation of video calling features.


  • Lack of efficiency reported by some users: While generally efficient, a subset of users has reported instances of decreased performance, necessitating further optimization.
  • Slow customer support: Users may experience delays in customer support response times, potentially impacting issue resolution timelines.
  • Audio dropouts and issues: Some users have reported occasional audio dropouts and issues during video calls, warranting attention for improved stability.


  • Pay-as-you-go model: You only pay for what you use, with no upfront costs or minimum commitments.
  • Transparent pricing: Pricing information is available on their website, although specific rates aren't publicly disclosed.
  • Free trial: You can test their APIs and SDKs with a free trial before committing.
  • Custom pricing for high-volume users: Contact EnableX for tailored pricing plans if you anticipate high usage.

Breakdown by API/SDK:

  • Video API:
  • Pricing based on minutes of video usage and number of participants.
  • Additional features like recording, broadcasting, and SIP interoperability may have separate charges.
  • Voice API:
  • Pricing based on minutes of call usage and geographic regions.
  • Features like call recording, conferencing, number masking, and IVR may have additional costs.
  • SMS API:
  • Pricing varies based on the destination country and message length.
  • FaceAI:
  • Pricing based on API calls and features used.

10. CometChat Video Calling SDK

Enhance your application's communication capabilities with the CometChat Video Calling SDK, providing a variety of features to improve user interactions. From 1-to-1 video chats to group conversations, this SDK offers good video communication for your platform.

Features and Pros:

  • 1-to-1 Video Chat and Group Chats: Foster direct connections or facilitate group discussions effortlessly with the flexibility of one-on-one or group video calls.
  • Video Conferencing: Conduct productive video conferences within your application, promoting efficient collaboration for teams and groups.
  • Typing and Presence Indicators: Keep users informed with real-time typing indicators and presence status, enhancing the overall communication experience.
  • Chat Widgets with Drag-and-Drop: Customize user interfaces effortlessly with chat widgets featuring drag-and-drop functionality for an intuitive user experience.
  • White-Labeled Message Translation: Break language barriers with white-labeled message translation, promoting global communication and inclusivity.
  • Automated Moderation Tools: Ensure a safe and controlled environment with automated moderation tools, empowering administrators to manage content effectively.


  • Steep Learning Curve for New Users: Some users may face challenges initially due to a steeper learning curve, requiring additional onboarding support.
  • Scalability Challenges: While the SDK offers substantial capabilities, scalability challenges may arise in handling a large number of users, necessitating careful consideration for growing applications.
  • Lags in Real-Time Communication: Users may experience occasional lags in real-time communication, impacting the fluidity of interactions.


CometChat presents users with two primary pricing models: Tiered Pricing and Custom Pricing.

This model comprises three predefined plans based on expected monthly active users (MAUs). The Essentials plan, starting at $79/month plus $0.03 per MAU, suits small businesses and startups with a limited user base. The Pro plan, beginning at $499/month plus $0.03 per MAU, targets growing businesses with moderate user engagement. The Custom plan, tailored for high-volume usage and specific needs, requires direct contact with CometChat for a personalized quote.

The tiered pricing structure is influenced by the Platform Fee, a fixed monthly charge associated with the chosen plan, and the Per MAU Cost, an additional expense for each user actively engaging with the chat features each month.

Users may incur additional costs for surpassing included storage limits. Moreover, certain advanced features, such as AI bots, custom workflows, or high-concurrency options, might require supplementary fees. It's important to consider these factors when evaluating CometChat's pricing options.

SDK Key Features and Pros Cons Pricing
Dyte Video Calling SDK - Call Recording - Live Streaming - Webinars - Live Transcription, Translation - Chat, Polling, Quizzes - RTMP Streaming - Exceptional 1:1 Customer Support - Custom UI Support - Minimal Coding Effort - Compliance Standards (SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR) - Transparent Pricing Structure (Free Tier, Pay-as-You-Grow, Additional Charges) - None specified - Free Tier (10,000 free minutes monthly) - Pay-as-You-Grow ($0.004 per user per minute) - Additional charges for recordings and RTMP-out
Agora Video Calling SDK - Medium-Quality Voice and Video Calls - Noise Reduction - Low Latency - Interactive Whiteboard - Cloud Recording - Video Calling and Voice Calling - Transparent Pricing Structure (Free Tier, Pay-as-You-Go) - Volume Discounts - No Polling Option - Limited Hosting and Participant Roles - UI Kit Inflexibility - Free Tier (10,000 minutes of video and recording per month) - Pay-as-You-Go ($3.99 per 1,000 minutes of HD video per participant) - Additional charges for higher video resolutions and advanced features
Twilio Video Calling SDK - Flexible APIs - Global Infrastructure - Built-in Intelligence - Quick Integrations - Highly Scalable and Reliable - GDPR and HIPAA-compliant - No Auto-Reconnect - Limited UI Support - Additional Charges for Composite Recording - Pricing varies based on specific products and features used (Messages, Voice Calls, Flex contact centers) - Volume discounts available - Free tier for testing purposes
Apphitect Video Calling SDK - Customization and White-labeling - Scalability - Support for Large Groups - Group Calls and Conferencing - Learning Curve - Customer Support Speed - AR and VR Integration Complexity - One-time license purchase with cost based on user base, customization, and hosting choice. Custom quotes available for tailored solutions.
Vonage Video Calling SDK - Encrypted Video Recordings - Embedding Video Chats - GDPR and HIPAA Compliance - Video Stream Customization - HLS and RTMP Streaming - Video Analytics - High Coding Effort - No UI Support - Additional Charges for Composite Recording - Pay-as-You-Go model with pricing for voice calls, SMS, and video calls - Volume discounts available - Communications API Bundles - Custom Plans for specific needs
MirrorFly Video Calling SDK - Free Chat SDKs - 21-Day Free Trial for Voice and Video Calls - Dedicated Cloud Servers - Multi-Tenancy Support - One-Time License Cost Option - White-Label Chat Solution - On-Premise Hosting - Complexity and Time-Consuming - Lack of Detailed Documentation - Limitations in Customization - Pay-as-You-Go model with pricing for chat, audio calls, and video calls - Free tier with limited features for testing purposes
GetStream Video Calling SDK - 1-to-1 and Group Calls - Live Broadcasting - File Sharing - Call Recording - Video Conferencing - Screen Sharing - Documentation Challenges - Advanced Customization Complexity - Customer Support Response Delay - Free Tier for small projects and initial exploration - Start and Elevate Paid Tiers with fixed monthly fees - Enterprise Tier with custom pricing
Sinch Video Calling SDK - Hybrid Platform Support - Enterprise-Grade Reliability - Custom Video Filters and Masks - Free Trial for New Customers - Cross-Platform Compatibility - Delayed Customer Support - Integration May Require Technical Expertise - Flexible pricing based on specific services and usage volumes - Pay-as-You-Go option for low-volume users - Custom plans and packages for high-volume users
EnableX Video Calling SDK - Customizable UI kits - Up to 2000 participants in a video conference call - Enhanced security standards (E2E, AES-512) - Cross-platform compatibility - Intuitive API - Lack of efficiency reported by some users - Slow customer support - Audio dropouts and issues - Pay-as-You-Go model with pricing for video, voice, SMS, and FaceAI APIs - Free trial available for exploration - Custom pricing for high-volume users
CometChat Video Calling SDK - 1-to-1 Video Chat and Group Chats - Video Conferencing - Typing and Presence Indicators - Chat Widgets with Drag-and-Drop - White-Labeled Message Translation - Automated Moderation Tools - Steep Learning Curve for New Users - Scalability Challenges - Lags in Real-Time Communication - Tiered Pricing (Essentials, Pro, Custom) based on expected monthly active users (MAUs) - Additional costs for advanced features - Free trial available for testing purposes


Selecting the most suitable Video Calling SDK for your application is a nuanced decision that demands careful evaluation of your particular requirements, budget constraints, and the desired user experience. Take the time to comprehensively review the features, advantages, and drawbacks of each SDK to ensure an informed decision that aligns seamlessly with your development objectives. Whether you are in the process of crafting a virtual collaboration tool, a telehealth application, or a social networking platform, the choice of the right Video Calling SDK can play a pivotal role in augmenting the overall functionality and user satisfaction of your application.

In this context, consider exploring the capabilities of Dyte's Video Calling SDK, which offers a robust set of features tailored to enhance real-time video communication. Evaluate Dyte's strengths and advantages alongside other options to determine the best fit for your project. Integrating Dyte's technology may contribute to elevating your application's video calling capabilities, providing a potential avenue for superior user experiences and improved application performance.

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