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Get access to UI kits, react hooks, and low-level APIs that are built to help you iterate fast and craft unique user experiences. 

User first

Helping you build a
great user experience

Dyte offers a suite of developer tools that make integrating live experiences into your app easy. 

Audio/Video middleware

Guarantee uninterrupted user interactions in real-time calls with optimized audio/video streams that  seamlessly adapt to varying network conditions.

Noise suppression
Enhances voice clarity in noisy environments,
ideal for remote work or public places.
Echo cancellation
Crucial for clear audio in rooms with multiple
devices, such as conference rooms
Face filters
Adds engaging visual elements for social and
entertainment-oriented video calls


Regularly observe how users engage with your app's live video features, analyze metrics and usage patterns, identify technical issues, and optimize performance.

Engagement tracking
Analyzes user behavior to improve feature
engagement in video apps.
Issue identification
Quickly pinpoints and resolves technical issues
for a smoother user experience.
Performance optimization
Uses data to enhance video communication
features, improving overall quality.


Enable real-time notifications and workflows in external systems, responding to specific events of live video sessions. Essential for interconnected apps.

Real-time updates
Instantly notify other systems of events in video
sessions, enhancing responsiveness.
Workflow automation
Automates external processes based on video
session triggers, increasing efficiency.
Custom event triggers
Tailors webhook responses to specific needs,
optimizing application functionality.

Error handling

Dyte SDK auto-detects, logs, and resolves network/device errors, minimizing manual intervention, ensuring smooth communication across diverse conditions.

Automatic error detection
Identifies and addresses issues instantly,
ensuring smooth video communication
Proactive problem solving
Maintains uninterrupted service by automatically
resolving common errors.
Quality maintenance
Consistently delivers a high-quality user
experience, regardless of network or device issues.

No code preset editor

Easily customize video call environments without coding, perfect for quick testing and adapting to diverse scenarios, making it ideal for non-technical users.

Rapid customization
Allows easy adaptation of video settings for
specific user needs or scenarios.
User experience enhancement
Personalizes call environments to boost
engagement and interaction.
Adaptability for various scenarios
Offers flexible configurations for diverse
applications like education or telehealth.
Dyte UI Kit Add-on

Elevate app usability with pre-built components like video controls, call buttons, avatars, and chat interfaces for a refined visual appeal.

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Sample live video apps

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Dyte Showcase Hub 
Accelerate your development journey with code samples built with Dyte.

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Quickstart Guides

Learn how to integrate live video, voice, live stream, and chat experiences into your product.

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API Ref 

Reference manual for Dyte APIs, with a live API runner.

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Co-Founder and CEO at ADPList
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