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Making Live Conversations Fun

Energize calls with Dyte! Turn any conversation on your app into fun, interactive sessions where all participants engage and enjoy.


Go from zzzzz… to !!!!!!

Banish meeting boredom; Dyte's engagement features enhance interactivity with fun backgrounds, polls, and reactions for lively discussions.

Cheers and joy

Express your feelings without words – cheers, laughter, applause! Boost participation and maintain the vibe!

Share more, see more

Show and tell from multiple sources. Perfect for comparing complex documents side by side.

Chat with charm

Go beyond words in chat; share emojis, GIFs, and formatted text for meaningful messages.

Silence the chaos

Dyte’s noise cancellation ensures that every word is crystal clear, making it seem like you're all in the same room.

Whisper away

Have a side thought? Private chat allows attendees to exchange ideas privately, perfect for uninterrupted side conversations.

Cozy corners for conversation
Split the crowd into smaller breakout rooms. Ideal for workshops or team sprints, these private spaces make work intimate and focused.
Engage with inquiry 

Gather instant group insights with interactive polls. Whether for fun or feedback, polling keeps your audience engaged and informed.

Multi-tasking made easy

Never miss a beat with Picture in Picture. Keep an eye on the main event even while you multitask.

Backdrops of fun

Add personal style or professional polish to your calls, whether it's a beach or a boardroom.

Picture perfect sharing

Share visuals instantly. Whether it's a snapshot, a graph, or a meme, make your point with images.

Click, send, collaborate

Drag, drop, and it's done. With Dyte's file sharing, everyone gets the right file at the right time.

Why Dyte

Focus on the user experience, leave the live infra to us

With Dyte SDK, it's all about empowering you to craft the finest user experience. As for the live infra? Consider it handled.

Easy integration

Our SDK is designed to blend into your current project, working harmoniously across platforms.

Reliable infrastructure

With globally available servers, we ensure high availability and uninterrupted operation.

24/7 support

We offer round-the-clock technical support because roadblocks don't stick to business hours.


With a 99.99% uptime SLA, we aim for top-tier reliability. Your live infra is in the right hands.

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