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The most developer friendly live video & audio SDK

Dyte lets developers integrate branded, configurable and programmable live audio & video with just a few lines of code.

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Build faster and focus on your products

Super Fast Implementation

Our thoughtfully designed APIs and prebuilt UI templates let you add a call in less than 10 lines of code.

Best in class customizations

Get complete control over layout and permissions. Enhance the experience with plugins.

Detailed Call Analytics

Access end-to-end call logs, quality metrics and custom events right in your Dyte dashboard or via REST APIs.

Dedicated 24*7 Support

Get priority technical support through a dedicated slack channel or ask our developer community.


Designed to fit in with ease

Any platform, any device; all it takes is minutes

Along with video and audio we include out of the box support for chat, polls, screenshare, multiple layouts, host controls, background, etc. across all devices.

import { DyteMeeting, Meeting } from "dyte-client";
function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
        onInit={(meeting: Meeting) = {}}
        clientId={`orgId || clientId`}
          roomName: `roomName`,
          authToken: `authToken`,
export default App;
<div id="root"></div>
  const client = new DyteClient({ clientId: "orgId|clientId" });
  const meeting = client.Meeting({
    roomName: "",
    authToken: "",
import 'package:dyte_client/dyte.dart';
import 'package:dyte_client/dyteMeeting.dart';
    width: <width>,
    height: <height>,
    child: DyteMeeting(
        roomName: "<roomName>",
        authToken: "<authToken>",
        onInit: (DyteMeetingHandler meeting) async {
          // your handler
import UIKit
import DyteSdk;
class ViewController: UIViewController {
    @IBOutlet weak var videoButton: UIButton?
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Do any additional setup after loading the view.
    @IBAction func joinMeeting(_ sender: Any) {
        let  config = DyteMeetingConfig();
        meetingConfig.roomName = "YOUR_ROOM_NAME";
        meetingConfig.authToken = "YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN";
        let dyteView = DyteMeetingView(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: self.view.bounds.size.width, height:self.view.bounds.size.height ))
import com.dyteclientmobile.MeetingConfig;
import com.dyteclientmobile.DyteMeeting;
import com.dyteclientmobile.DyteMeetingActivity;
// Configure meeting parameters
val config = MeetingConfig();
// Launch the activity
val meetingIntent = Intent(this, DyteMeetingActivity::class.java)

Made for everyone

Maximum control, minimum hassle

Configure permissions, layouts and plugins without touching a line of code.

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With expandability to collaborate

Plugins to add that cherry 🍒 on top of your use use-case

Use our one-click add-ons to make your call more immersive and collaborative.

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Optimized for visibility

Complete observability at every step

Analyze each call by getting a granular view of participant actions and call quality.

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“Dyte is easy to work with, fast to integrate and great in providing developer support. We enjoy the product integration to serve our global community and excited to continue this between ADPList and Dyte!”

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Felix Lee
Co-Founder and CEO at ADPList
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"Dyte provides super-fast integration and complete customization, we finished the integration in less than 48 hours with our brand design. Our customer feedback on the video quality went up and we get the added bonus of 24*7 customer support from a great team."

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Co-Founder at Crater

"We wanted to bring a video based interaction with users on our platform. Dyte checked all the right boxes - an intuitive UI, works with limited network bandwidth, a dynamic team that is always eager to support and build for us!"

Sairee Chahal
Founder and CEO at Mahila Money


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