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Scale your streams

Dyte streams can be scaled easily to support over 10,000 viewers with the top-notch video quality. 

Low latency streaming

With latency as low as 2 seconds, deliver super fast streams to your audience from anywhere.

Custom layouts

Customize your video feed end-to-end with Dyte UI Kits. Build the best user experience for your audience.


Build unique experiences with endless customisation

Custom layouts

Add controls and call to action buttons along with customisable video resolution, layouts and permissions.

Platform agnostic

Stream live from any device and browser. With support for a wide range of video codecs, it’s a breeze to get started.

Stream to multiple platforms

Stream to millions across popular social networks or directly to your platform with HLS and RTMP output.

Synchronized video playback

Synchronize video playback with components like chats, reactions and other user activities.

Live analytics

Get in-depth analytics on the live stream health, user activity, and insights into user behavior.

Adaptive bitrate

Enjoy jitter-free live streams regardless of your network, requiring no input from you.


Record and store the live streams on the cloud or on premises to access them anytime.

Built-in Interactivity

Powered by a host of features

Join stream

⭐  Flagship feature

Let viewers join the livestream and play games with the streamer.


Watermark and brand your livestreams with custom logos.


Watermark and brand your livestreams with custom logos.


Real-time chat among viewers so they can stay connected!


Use this tool to craft questions for giveaways or fun quizzes.


Use emoji reactions to let your audience participate


Share your device screens with your viewers

Virtual BG

Blur your background or use a virtual background while streaming

Live captions

Stream with live captions to ensure inclusive audience experience.


Go live right away

Build without stress - Dyte handles audio/video edge cases and helps deliver reliable live streams.


Dyte UI Kits

Pick and choose every element of your UI from our elaborate design library and go live right away. 

UI Kit + Core

With Dyte UI Kits you can curate your live-streaming video feed in a matter of minutes.

Your UI + Core

Use Dyte's live streaming SDK which abstracts complex logic and build your own UI.


Experience 99.99%  uptime for uninterrupted service.

All in one

All in one live stream SDK that covers all the use cases.

Global Infra

Multi-region global infrastructure to deliver seamless live streams.


Designed to mold into your needs

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“Have been using dyte in as our video infra. Their tech is just amazing, and the video call quality is great. It took us less than 10 minutes to integrate. Their tech and support team is just superb! They are very quick in turning our requests into features!”

Dinesh Singh
Co Founder at Topmate

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