Create Beautiful Live Experiences Faster 

Turn design concepts into real-time video experiences in minutes. Dyte UI Kit streamlines the integration of live experiences in your app when using Dyte SDK.

What is the Dyte UI Kit?

Picture the ultimate Lego set, but for crafting live experiences inside your apps! Mix, match, and mold pre-made elements effortlessly. Craving a sleek video player or snazzy chat box? It's all possible!

With this toolkit, creating real-time video interfaces is pure joy.

Pre-built components

What’s inside the kit?

With the kit, you get ready-made UI and plug and play components that offer a unique function, contributing to the fluidity and usability of your app.

Video player

Your own mini theater! This component helps you easily embed, play, pause, and control videos. Don't forget the popcorn!

Control panel

Regulate and monitor user activities, video streams, chats, and more. It's like being the conductor of your own tech-orchestra!

User list

Roll-call, anyone? Keep track of who's who and who's online in your live video app. It's your ultimate roster of attendees.

Chat box

Where all the magic of real-time conversations happens, you can create, send, and manage chats right on cue with this component.


Tailor your live video app to your liking. With this component, you can control the look, feel, and functionality to match your vision.

and much more...
design tokens

The magic spice of your UI design

Just like how a pinch of salt can transform a dish, these tokens can add a dash of consistency and scalability to your UI, making it taste just right!

Fully Featured

Why use Dyte UI Kit

Craft UI for the live experiences inside your app effortlessly, accelerate development and engage users like never before.

Speed up your app development

Cut time-to-market by using Dyte UI Kit components to enable rapid prototyping and product development.

Create stunning user experiences

With Dyte, craft experiences, not just apps. Customizable components make your live video app as unique as your vision.

Boost user engagement

Enable lively user interactions with real-time chat/video components. Ensure user engagement through seamless communication.

Manage with ease

With Dyte's intuitive dashboard, manage user activities, streams, chats, and easily oversee your live video app.

Flexibility at its finest

Tailor your app's look and feel with Dyte's UI Kit, adjust functionality, and perfect the interface as desired.


See what’s possible with the Dyte UI Kit

Unleash your creative beast! Craft, customize, and deploy lively video interfaces like never before.

Dyte UI Kit works with 

Get started

Jump right in! Follow these simple steps and start weaving magic with your live video apps.

Install the UI Kit
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First things first, get the UI kit. Got the download? Fantastic! Now, install it into your design environment. It's as easy as adding a new app on your smartphone.

Explore the Components
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Unpack your new toolbox. Each component is a magic tool, and there's one for everything! Take a tour and get to know them.

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Ready to create? Start customizing. Mix and match the components, and play with design tokens. Make the app truly yours.

Preview and Test
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Once you've crafted your perfect UI, preview and test it, squash bugs, and refine rough edges. It's like test-driving your brand new car!

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Happy with your masterpiece? Time to share it with the world. Deploy your shiny, new live video app and watch it soar!

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