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Fast, custom and secure live video.
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Voice Conferencing
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Crisp, clear, and low-latency live audio.
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Get the most out of Dyte with HD cloud recording, and expansive RTMP out add-ons.
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Dyte is easy to work with, fast to integrate and great in providing developer support.
Felix Lee
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Leverage Dyte's scalable live platform with 99.99% uptime, 24*7 support, & organization wide usage reporting.

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Get all the features of Dyte Voice & Video SDK with added technical and onboarding support.

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Dyte is 100% free for NGOs, open-source communities, and developer groups. (Conditions apply)
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~ $500K
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“Dyte provides super-fast integration and complete customization, we finished the integration in less than 48 hours with our brand design. Our customer feedback on the video quality went up and we get the added bonus of 24*7 customer support from a great team.

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Vivan Puri
Co-Founder at Crater
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Frequently asked questions

How do I calculate the cost of each session?
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We charge you based on the number of participant minutes consumed: Aka the duration (in minutes) for which participants were available in the call. That plus: recording minutes i.e. the duration (in minutes) of the call recording and RTMP minutes i.e. the number of minutes the call was streamed to other platforms.

What features do I get in the free plan?
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You get to use the full Dyte platform in the free plan with free 10,000 participant minutes refreshed every month. That said: If you end up recording the call, output it to other social channels [via RTMP] or exceed the free 10,000 minutes --- you will be charged as per your usage. 

What happens after I exhaust 10,000 minutes?
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Once you exhaust free 10,000 minutes, we start charging on your selected payment method and raise the invoice at the end of the month.

What payment methods do you accept?
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We support Stripe payment, and you can pay via other methods using the Stripe channel.

What are add-on services?
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We offer services like meeting recording, live streaming, RTMP out to other platforms as an add-on service over our platform.

Can you help me build live video in my app?
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Integrating Dyte into any platform is easy. However, if you need help, we'll help you build the live video app. Just email us at: support@dyte.io

I still need more help; how can I reach out to you?
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You can join our community and get help from 1000+ developers at community.dyte.io or reach out to us by sending an email to support@dyte.io.