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Dynamic Breakout Rooms That Spark Collaboration

Foster a dynamic group call experience, allowing users to form smaller, focused conversations for increased engagement.

Breakout rooms

Where meetings get a fun upgrade

Dive into the world of Dyte for vibrant, hassle-free online
meet-ups and supercharged collaborations!

Supercharge with plugins

Unlock plugin power in breakout rooms – from whiteboards for creativity to DocSync for collaborative document exploration, endless possibilities await!

Effortless access, zero hassles

Jump straight from any webinar or virtual conference in your app into breakout rooms—no registration, no fuss.

Chat and collaborate

Spark conversations and build connections as audiences chat with moderators and peers using built-in chat tool.

Interactive audio and video magic

Dyte's breakouts encourage two-way video interactions between speakers, moderators, and audiences.

Separate recording for every room

Dyte turns each breakout room into a mini-meeting haven, with individual recordings that catch every giggle and eureka moment.

Unified brand impressions

Seamlessly extend your branding into breakout sessions with Dyte, maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand experience.

Custom access

Flex control in Dyte! Customize permission settings to manage room creation and join privileges – you're in command!

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