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Elevate Your Experience
with Effortless Streaming

Foster a dynamic group call experience, allowing users to form smaller, focused conversations for increased engagement.

Why Dyte

Have your cake, and eat it too

Why limit users to either stream ON your app or just stream TO other apps? 

In-app livestream

Enable users to host virtual events within your app to over 10,000 live viewers with HLS.


Let users cross-stream their live video content from your app to 30+ platforms with RTMP out.


Why use Dyte to build live streaming capability in your app?

With Dyte you fast track integrating low-latency, scalable live streaming in your app – go from concept to 'live' in just days, not decades!

Custom layouts

Customize your video feed end-to-end with Dyte's no code editor. Build the best user experience for your audience.


Missed it live? No worries! Our recording feature captures every exciting moment for replay, anytime users want.


Turn passive viewers into active participants! Dyte's interactivity tools create a two-way street for engagement, making streams lively.

Preset editor

Get the power to tailor the streaming environment with pre-set themes and settings, ensuring your app's live sessions are branded.


Words matter, catch every one of them! Dyte’s transcriptions ensure nothing gets lost in the chatter, making streams accessible to all.

Low latency

Say goodbye to awkward pauses. Dyte's low latency ensures smooth, real-time interactions, keeping the conversation flowing seamlessly.

Spatial audio

Immerse your audience in sound! With Dyte's spatial audio, your app can deliver a 3D listening experience.


Dyte's on-stage/off-stage feature lets you invite a participant as a speaker.

Filters in Dyte

Unleash the whimsy with Dyte! Let developers plug in quirky A/V filters, turning streams into a canvas of creativity. From retro vibes to Darth Vader pitches, make each stream a captivating, fun-filled adventure!

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