Video SDK to Stream interactive events to millions of viewers

Seamlessly broadcast your event to a worldwide audience with Dyte’s globally scaled wide infrastructure.

Better Together

Create memorable events

Help your users broadcast live online sporting events or run large scale hybrid events with ease.

Live experiences 

Offer users a front-row seat to big events, from sports to concerts, with interactive elements like chat, polls, and more with live streaming SDK.

Intuitive admin controls

Help hosts manage events with out-of-the-box controls, such as the ability to mute or eject participants, control their videos, and regulate room access.

Breakout Rooms

Enable focused discussions by splitting audience into smaller groups. Ideal for workshops, post-event discussions, and networking.

Global scale

Enable multi-host streams to millions of viewers with Dyte’s global scale with servers spread across continents and 99.99% uptime SLA.


Features supporting live events

With Dyte video SDK, you get everything you need to build immersive online events inside your applications. 

Excellent call quality

Get low-latency video with jitter free audio irrespective of the network condition, ensuring smooth and high-quality communication during online events.

HLS & RTMP out capability

Enable seamless live video distribution across popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and more via HLS and RTMP streaming.

Interactive tools baked in 

Add interactive features like chat, polling, and screen sharing to enhance participant engagement and collaboration. 

Rich analytics

Collect and analyze data on visitor interactions throughout the event providing insights that can be used to improve the event experience.

Spatial audio

Empower your audience by having an option to invite any user to the stage with just the flick of a button.


Essential tools for your events platform


Dyte helps you run events of all types

Create unforgettable live and hybrid events with a wide range of plugins, high-quality video, and scalable video streaming.   

Shape the user’s experience your way with our no-code UI builder or start building fresh with our code SDKs.

~ $500K
Engg. cost saved
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“💖 We had really smooth and quick integrations few months back using dyte for our international tech conference. The Much appreciate the amazing work and eye for detail 😃”

Sahil Mhapsekar
India Organizer at React India

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Create seamless online events with Dyte