Zooooooooom out of a heavy SDK.
Dyte beats Zoom SDK anyday.

Lack of basic features, limited customization, and a heavy SDK footprint make you scout for Zoom SDK replacements. Compare Zoom SDK vs. Dyte feature-by-feature.

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Why Zoom SDK is NOT the right Twilio Video Replacement?

Twilio video is sunsetting and is scheduled to go offline on December 5, 2024. While Twilio is directing its Programmable Video users to migrate to Zoom SDK, it’s not the perfect fit.

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Twilio vs. Zoom vs. Dyte

Twilio recommends Zoom SDK for migration. But, does a 75MB SDK, limited features and no customization make sense?


4 places (of many) where Zoom SDK falls short

Limited Scalability

The maximum number of users supported in a real-time meeting is significantly low at only 300 participants, as compared to 15,000 with Twilio Video and Dyte.

Does Not Use WebRTC

Can complicate WebRTC connections, leading to issues with real-time call quality, camera input on custom browsers & features like acoustic echo cancellation.

No End-to-End Encryption

Surprising, isn't it? Zoom SDK does not offer the basic security feature that prevents potential interception or unauthorized access during transmission.

No AI/ML Middleware Support

Limits executing AI/ML algorithms for media processing tasks like noise reduction or adding advanced features like custom filters, transcription services, etc.


Dyte vs. Zoom SDK

Check out this feature-to-feature comparison chart, and you will understand why searching for a Zoom SDK replacement is wise

Framework / Platform Support
javacript logoandroid logoapple logoflutter logoreact logoangularvue logoreact icon
javacript logoandroid logoapple logoflutter logoreact logo
Ease of Development
Get started within mins and launch quickly
Development is tough & restrictive
Audio Room Support
Not supported
Custom UI Support
Pre-built + UI Component Library (Robust end-to-end Dyte UI Kit)
Pre-built only (Zoom Meeting UI)
Roles / Permissions
Create custom roles that are specific to your use-case
Limited to 3 roles - host, co-host, and user only
One-click add ons or build your own, e.g. YouTube, Remote browser, Whiteboard, Code Editor, Quiz, etc.
Only Whiteboard
Detailed data for every call & participant
Brief analytics
Max Quality
1080p for all platforms
1080p on native platforms
Only 720p web rendering
HLS Streaming
RTMP Streaming
Not available
Virtual Background, Live Transcription & AI/ML Middleware
Single line integration
Additional coding effort to add different packages
Breakout Rooms
Limited only to Web. Not supported on native platforms
SDK Footprint Size
~200 KB GZIP
~22MB to ~45MB based on feature requirements
Get a detailed benchmarking report on Zoom SDK vs. Twilio Video
Download report

Compare and calculate your cost saving

Get 10,000 free credits refreshed every month with lower rates for video and audio, Proactive support, and more customization options.
Twilio Enterprise users are also eligible to receive credits up to $30,000

Free Tier
$0.004 per user per minute
$0.0035 per user per minute
$0.001 per user per minute
$0.0035 per user per minute
Flat $0.010 per minute
$0.0035 per user per minute
Flat $0.002 per minute
Not Available
Basic support for free
Plans upto $1900/month
Flat $0.010 per minute
$0.004 per user per minute
First 7 days free , $0.023 per GB per month
$100/month for 1TB storage
Brief Analytics
Seperate pricing
Volume Discount
Not available
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Customers trust Dyte over Zoom SDK

Know why developers and product teams at leading organisations choose Dyte over Zoom SDK.

The manual grind of managing meetings and analytics and Zoom's operational complexities tested our resilience. Dyte significantly improved our students' experience. The switch made our app lighter, live video more stable at scale.
Shoieb Shaikh
Engineering Manager
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We do over 15,000 sessions with them every week (~165 million minutes a year). In the past, we have also tried Zoom SDKs, Jitsi, etc. but didn't find any luck due to their low server-uptime. 10/10 would recommend Dyte.
Vishal Patil
Product Manager
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We use Dyte, and they are literally one of the best partners on the planet.
Felix Lee
Co-Founder and CEO
Dyte's seamless integration has made it a breeze for our patients to connect with therapists and psychiatrists.
Co-Founder and CEO

What makes Dyte the best video sdk?

Dyte helps you integrate custom, secure, high-quality live video and voice to your web, mobile, and desktop applications in just a few lines of code.

Detailed analytics

Access detailed analytics on video call metrics like participant interactions, duration, and more to analyze participant interest throughout the session. 

Collaborative features

Make live calls between users more immersive with collaborative features like screen share, chat, polls, emojis, et al. offered out-of-box with Dyte.

Advanced customization

Build tailor-made live experiences in your app that satiate your user's needs. Use Dyte's UI kit for a low code experience building or start from scratch with its core SDKs. 

Seamlessly Scalability

With in-built adaptive bitrate, auto-bandwidth switching, and other load-balancing capabilities, you can scale effortlessly.

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