How Newton School Reinvented Ed-Tech Delivery with Dyte

In conversation with Devansh Mishra of Newton School

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Founded in 2019, Newton School is a neo-university that is transforming tech education in India by providing an interactive learning path to thousands of students. The school has placed over 1,500 students in over 600 companies in just two years. Learn how Dyte enabled Newton school to enhance student experience during lectures with higher quality, more reliable live video.

Newton School's challenges

Despite its success, Newton School faced roadblocks as they tried to improve the student experience with  the existing solution in place. 

  • Reliable live streaming

Newton School needed a solid streaming platform for conducting live lectures, mentor sessions, and mock interviews. The challenge was finding a platform that could support these activities without any disruptions, even as the number of users increased.

  • Growing user base

Newton School's community of students was expanding quickly. They needed a system that could handle thousands of users spread across 1:1, 1:many and many:many real time conversations, which was a challenge with existing solutions.

  • Understanding complex documentation

The developers at Newton School observed that the existing platform's documentation was complex. The content had a formal tone and complex analogies that made the integration and development process cumbersome.

  • Managing edge cases

The team had to spend weeks updating their system to handle edge cases with the previous solution in place. These situations included differences in users' device hardware, network quality, screen size, and Android version. This task was time-consuming and complicated, which delayed their progress.

  • Transitioning and trust-building with a new partner

Newton School had decided to transfer lectures to a new platform; it was vital to ensure a smooth transition and find a trusted partner. They sought a live video SDK that was reliable to maintain their students' trust during this change.

Newton School and Dyte's collaboration

After exploring solutions in the market, Newton School chose to implement Dyte's live voice and video calling SDK in their product. Within a short period, XX% of Netwon School’s classes were streamed through Dyte, with students sharing great feedback in terms of video quality and call quality. Dyte also offered in-built interactive features like whiteboard, chat, quiz, and more that improved the teaching-learning process.

From handling 500 students to effortlessly managing 5x the traffic, Dyte has truly had our back. The team provided exceptional support whenever we felt stuck.
  • Improved classroom experience

Live lectures, mentor sessions, and mock interviews were all successfully transitioned to Dyte, enhancing the overall learning experience for students and making teaching more convenient for the faculty.

  • Scalability and efficiency

Dyte proved to be a reliable partner for Newton School’s growing user base, handling thousands of simultaneous users with their videos on, without significant audio/video challenges or call failure due to network or device errors.

  • Complete control over class activities

Using analytics in the Dyte platform, Newton School gained visibility over class activities and interactions. The platform allowed the engineering team to customize the interface that helped teachers to manage large classes, and made it easy for teachers and students to interact.

  • HD video quality

Dyte SDK offered HD video streaming, unaffected by the viewer's device, internet connection, or viewer count in the call. It dealt with edge cases like unstable networks and delays on its own without the need of Newton Schools’ developers to spend time to manage the errors.

  • Proactive support

Dyte provides 24*7 support to all its customers, including Newton School. With quick replies across — Slack, Discord, and Email — customers could request development guidance support whenever a need arises.

Dyte has enabled Newton School to provide an interactive learning experience for their students. They have been able to scale their operations seamlessly, handle more traffic, and gain greater control over class activities.

12 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
3 weeks
time to go live

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