How Let’s Upgrade Improved Learning Experience for 1000s of Students

In conversation with Shoieb Shaikh and Ankit Chaudhari from Let’s Upgrade

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Let’s Upgrade’s challenges

Before March 2020, Let's Upgrade thrived on the traditional classroom experience in Chennai. However, the pandemic brought a twist, steering them towards an exciting new chapter in Navi Mumbai. To embrace the digitization wave to keep their business afloat, they initially ventured into online learning with YouTube and StreamYard, offering free courses. 

But the transition to online learning with YouTube was not without its challenges. While effective for free courses, YouTube's model fell short regarding paid and more interactive courses. The limitations in terms of student engagement and course customization led Let's Upgrade to explore other platforms like Vimeo, only to find restrictions in streaming capabilities—you can only have 3 simultaneous streams. 

So they did what most people did—started using Zoom to conduct and manage their classes. But Zoom only made things more tedious for their team:

  • Ensuring all students had the right meeting links to join the classes
  • Monitoring the sessions to ensure no unknown person sits in the class by using the meeting link
  • Customizing the sessions to cater to different subjects—some needed whiteboards, some needed breakout rooms, and more
  • Making sure every student has the updated Zoom App downloaded and installed on their devices

It didn’t help that the basic license's limitation to 200 users was insufficient for their needs, and upgrading to the more expensive license wasn't the answer either! The higher tier plan used HLS to stream video content to students, which introduced lag and reduced class interactivity. 

Our journey was tough, grappling with constant bandwidth issues that led to frequent call drops for our students. The manual grind of managing meetings and analytics and Zoom's operational complexities tested our resilience.

They spent time exploring various open-source and video SDK solutions as a means to build a custom live experience inside their platform—but it was fraught with difficulties, too. These challenges included:

  • The need for increased internet bandwidth in their offices to support live classes effectively was a significant infrastructural demand.
  • Some SDKs were found to be very heavy, negatively affecting the browser's performance. This load often led to browser crashes, especially if another application was run simultaneously, causing disruptions in the learning process.
  • Frequent system crashes during the testing phase due to platform errors, hindering the stability and reliability of their online classes.
  • Poor documentation across several platforms complicated the process of trying out and integrating various SDKs into their system.
  • Unreliable recording capabilities made it difficult to save sessions for future viewing, compromising the quality of the recorded content and affecting its usability for students.

Let’s Upgrade needed something that just worked. And that’s when they found Dyte. 

Dyte powering Let’s Upgrade’s lesson

Dyte significantly improved our students' experience. It ensured they got to see the shared screen and hear the teacher even in low-bandwidth situations. The switch made our app lighter, live video more stable at scale, and helped us get more insights into the student engagement.

Let's Upgrade's collaboration with Dyte catalyzed a significant evolution in their digital education strategy. This partnership solved the immediate technical challenges of providing high quality live video at scale and propelled their growth, allowing them to expand their educational offerings and reach. 

Starting with a small group of students, Let's Upgrade gradually expanded its use of Dyte to handle multiple batches, effectively showcasing Dyte's ability to support their growing educational needs. This transition was more than just switching to a new platform; it was about enhancing their online learning strategy. Dyte's capabilities in customization and scalability played a key role in evolving Let's Upgrade's approach, leading to a more interactive and practical online learning environment.

With Dyte Let’s Upgrade could:

  • Scale their online classes efficiently, accommodating an increasing number of students without compromising on quality or stability. 
  • Enhance student engagement with interactive tools and features, making the online classes more participative and lively. 
  • Monitor and track student engagement more effectively, gaining valuable insights for continuous improvement in teaching methods. 
  • Provide a seamless learning experience across various devices, ensuring accessibility for students regardless of the technology they use without downloading anything. 
  • Reduce technical issues and downtime, thanks to Dyte's robust infrastructure, leading to smoother and more reliable online sessions. 
  • Get high quality composite recordings that they could store for future reference by the students.

One of the remarkable outcomes of this partnership was the development of their SaaS platform, LISA, built over Dyte. This platform was designed to address the online learning challenges head-on, providing an experience akin to offline sessions but in an online format. This innovation was particularly timely, as even universities were transitioning online, and Let's Upgrade was ready with a solution that could seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional and digital education methods.

The creation of LISA signified more than just a technological upgrade; it marked Let's Upgrade's strategic entry into a broader educational market. By incorporating Dyte, they could onboard individual learners, corporates, and universities, significantly expanding their reach. This expansion was backed by Dyte's robust features like atomic UI for customization, effective backend integration with APIs, and an array of interactive features that enhanced student engagement.

Today, Let's Upgrade, with Dyte's integration, manages thousands of minutes of online classes daily across a wide range of meetings, standing as a testament to their successful digital transformation and growth in the online education sector.

Dyte features used

  • Atomic UI
  • Recording
  • Streaming 
  • Plugins

Thanks to Dyte, we've grown leaps and bounds - from managing a handful of students to running >30 meetings daily with 1000s of students. This scale-up speaks volumes of Dyte's reliability.

6 months
taken to integrate
of live video consumed/month
1 week
monthly active users

Looking ahead

Let's Upgrade plans to increase the adoption of its LMS platform, LISA. They are targeting use cases like content creators, universities, and corporates, catering to each sector's specific needs.


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