As we embraced more virtual interactions, AWS Chime quickly became a popular choice for various digital communications, ranging from professional meetings to casual online catch-ups. Its user-friendly interface made it an accessible gateway to the realm of video conferencing. Yet, AWS Chime is not without its limitations.

The distinction of AWS Chime's SDK is noteworthy. It provides the flexibility to integrate seamlessly into your unique digital environment. However, its past performance doesn't necessarily guarantee it will meet all current and future needs.

When selecting a Video Conferencing SDK, consider the range of features it provides, the degree of customization available, how well it integrates with your existing platform, its scalability, and, importantly, the cost.

In these respects, AWS Chime SDK has room for improvement.

Let's delve deeper and examine these aspects more closely.

Assessing AWS Chime SDK's Limitations

While AWS Chime SDK provides valuable tools for collaborative audio and video calling as well as screen sharing in web or mobile applications, it has certain limitations and issues that are worth noting.

  1. Limited Browser Support: The AWS Chime SDK for JavaScript supports a specific range of browsers, which includes major ones like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, but with certain restrictions on content sharing and operating systems. This limitation can impact the accessibility of applications developed with the SDK, especially on older or less common browsers.
  2. Operating System Limitations: For mobile applications, the Chime SDK supports iOS 10 and above for Apple devices and Android 5.0 (API Level 21) and above for Android devices. These requirements can potentially exclude users with older mobile devices.
  3. Scaling Limitations: There is a cap on the number of participants and simultaneous sessions in WebRTC media sessions created with the Chime SDK. It supports up to 250 attendees in a session with restrictions on the number of video streams and shared content streams that can be displayed. Additionally, each AWS account is limited to 250 simultaneous WebRTC media sessions, although this limit can be adjusted upon request.
  4. Audio and Video Specifications: The Chime SDK has specific audio and video specifications, like supporting video resolutions up to 1280x720 at varying frame rates and stereo audio at a maximum of 48kHz. These specifications might not meet the needs of use cases requiring higher resolutions or frame rates.
  5. Media Capture Flexibility: Although the SDK offers flexibility in media capture, such as capturing a single stream of the active speaker video along with combined meeting audio, it may not cover all scenarios required by developers, especially those needing more advanced media capture and processing capabilities.
  6. Quality Issues with Audio and Video: Users might experience suboptimal audio and video quality due to factors like network bandwidth and device performance. AWS Chime SDK adjusts video quality based on the bandwidth available, which can lead to variability in the user experience.
  7. Video Resolution Considerations: The default resolution for uploading video is 540p at 15fps with a 1400 kbps bitrate, which can be reduced based on bandwidth limitations. This means that in low-bandwidth situations, video quality may significantly drop, affecting the overall user experience.
  8. SDK Size: The size of the AWS Chime SDK might be a concern, especially for mobile applications where app size impacts download times and device storage. Developers need to balance SDK functionality with the overall footprint to maintain a smooth user experience without overly inflating the application size.

Understanding the pricing structure of AWS Chime is vital for anyone contemplating its adoption. Pricing plays a pivotal role in decision-making, and a clear grasp of AWS Chime's pricing model will inform your choice effectively.

However, if you're reassessing your options and seeking alternatives to AWS Chime's SDK, we have curated a list of AWS Chime alternatives that may align more closely with your requirements.

AWS Chime SDK Pricing: An Essential Aspect

Choosing a video SDK involves several considerations, and pricing stands out as a crucial element. AWS Chime offers a spectrum of pricing choices, yet grasping the details can be somewhat intricate, given the complexity of their pricing strategy.

Similar to Dyte, AWS Chime delivers a diversity of services. However, their pricing schemes are markedly distinct.

Video and Audio

The AWS Chime SDK has a distinct billing structure. This includes different metrics for usage, such as the number of API calls, data transfer rates, or other usage parameters, providing developers with a flexible and scalable approach to managing costs for their application's communication features.

1. WebRTC Media Sessions

  • Cost: $0.0017 per minute per attendee.
  • Details: Charges apply for each attendee connected to a WebRTC media session, covering all media modalities (audio, video, screen share). Billing is in 6-second increments, with a 6-second minimum.

2. Media Replication

  • Cost: Varies based on usage.
  • Details: Additional charges for replicating a WebRTC media session to more participants. Specific costs depend on the extent of replication and usage.

3. PSTN Audio

  • Cost: $0.002 per minute for PSTN Audio Application Usage.
  • Details: This feature allows attendees to join meetings via landline or mobile phone. Charges apply per minute of usage.

💡 Dyte, in contrast, offers video pricing at $0.004/user/minute and audio at $0.001/user/minute.


Amazon Chime SDK's pricing for recording features is multifaceted. WebRTC media sessions are billed per attendee minute, with charges applied in 6-second increments. Additionally, the media capture feature allows saving session contents to Amazon S3 and is billed per minute, including partial minutes.

Amazon Chime SDK Media Capture Pricing:

  1. Capture of Composited Media:
  • 720p HD: $0.01 per minute.
  • 1080p FHD: $0.0125 per minute.
  1. Capture of Active Speaker Video and Audio:
  • $0.0034 per minute.
  1. Capture of Audio Stream:
  • $0.0017 per minute.
  1. Capture of Individual Video/Content Share Streams:
  • $0.0017 per minute.

Billing Details:

  • Charges apply per minute, including partial minutes.
  • Billing in 6-second increments at 1/10th the per-minute rate.
  • A minimum charge for 6 seconds applies.
  • Additional Amazon S3 storage and data transfer fees are separate.

Example Calculation: For a 60-minute session with 1080p composited media capture:

  • Cost: 60 minutes x $0.0125 = $0.75.
  • This calculation excludes WebRTC media session charges per attendee and additional Amazon S3 fees.

💡 Dyte, in contrast, offers a more straightforward pricing model with a flat rate of $10 for every 1,000 minutes recorded. This approach could be more appealing to users who prefer clear, predictable costs for their recording needs.


The Amazon Chime SDK's storage pricing details on their website are basic and may not cover all scenarios. For a comprehensive understanding of costs, especially for specific or large-scale needs, it's advisable to contact the Amazon Chime team directly. This approach ensures personalized information and tailored pricing models to suit individual requirements.

💡 Dyte offers free the first seven days of storage, followed by AWS pass-through rates. This approach can be particularly beneficial for managing costs, especially when initial storage requirements are high or fluctuate frequently.

Streaming with RTMP

Amazon Chime offers live streaming services with a pay-as-you-go model, without upfront fees, commitments, or long-term contracts. Users are charged only for the features they utilize on their use days. This flexible pricing structure can be beneficial for users with varying streaming needs.

  1. 720p Compositing + Streaming to One Destination: Charged at $0.09 per minute for HD (720p) quality.
  2. 1080p Compositing + Streaming to One Destination: Charged at $0.125 per minute for FHD (1080p) quality.
  3. Additional Destinations: An additional cost of $0.002 per minute per output stream is charged for streaming to more than one destination.

💡 Dyte, in comparison, offers RTMP streaming at $15 for 1,000 minutes of HD audio.

HIPAA Compliance with AWS Chime

The AWS Chime SDK is assessed for HIPAA compliance, and organizations can check its eligibility in the HIPAA Eligible Services Reference. Healthcare organizations using Amazon Chime SDK for HIPAA-compliant workloads should consult AWS resources and may need to engage directly with AWS for specific queries or arrange a HIPAA Business Associate Addendum (BAA).

💡 Dyte offers HIPAA compliance certification for your platform, enhancing its credibility at $500 per month. This clear pricing could be valuable for healthcare sector clients looking for budget-friendly, compliant communication solutions.


AWS Chime's pricing page lacks clear details on support services, suggesting that these may be included only in premium or custom plans. This can be a significant concern for businesses that depend on video SDKs for critical operations.

💡 In contrast, Dyte provides 24x7 support free of charge, demonstrating its commitment to exceptional customer service.

Text Messaging

AWS Chime's SDK messaging service operates on a pay-per-use model. For US East (N. Virginia) users, the cost for sending standard messages is $0.0007 per message, while control and system messages are charged at a minimal rate of $0.000003 each. Furthermore, each message delivered incurs a fee of $0.00001 per endpoint. For storing messages, AWS Chime charges $5.00 per GB per month.

💡 Contrarily, Dyte offers its messaging services inside a live video call or a stream at no extra cost, providing businesses with an economical solution for enhancing their communication and engagement.

SIP Trunking

In the realm of SIP trunking, AWS Chime introduces additional costs for this key functionality, which is crucial for integrating telephony systems seamlessly. Utilizing Amazon Chime Voice Connector for SIP trunking, customers encounter a pay-as-you-go model without initial fees. This pricing encompasses both inbound and outbound call charges.

Specifically, in the US East (N. Virginia) region, the per-minute rate for toll inbound calls is set at $0.002216, while for toll-free inbound calls, it's $0.01191. These figures represent the per-minute costs for inbound calls via Amazon Chime Voice Connector.

💡 On the other hand, Dyte offers its SIP trunking services at no cost, providing an economical solution for businesses to merge their communication systems effectively

Call Analytics

Moreover, AWS Chime charges for call analytics, which is essential for businesses to scrutinize communication trends and enhance customer interactions. In the US East (N. Virginia) region, AWS Chime's call analytics service, which includes features like speaker search and voice tone analysis, is priced at $0.023 per minute. This service is instrumental for producing real-time transcriptions and extracting valuable voice insights.

💡 On the other hand, Dyte provides comparable call analytics features without charge, allowing businesses to access pivotal communication analytics without incurring extra costs.

Final Thoughts

Dyte shines as a versatile and developer-friendly video SDK, celebrated for its customizable nature and an extensive array of features. It offers a rich selection of engaging tools such as virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, interactive chat capabilities, polls, and comprehensive analytics. This positions Dyte as a comprehensive solution for a variety of video conferencing demands. For those seeking a reliable video SDK that integrates effortlessly, Dyte stands as an excellent option.

The platform's standout feature is its high level of customization. Dyte's powerful API ensures easy integration with your existing systems and applications. Additionally, with Dyte's UI kit, you can create a distinct, brand-aligned video conferencing experience that resonates with your audience.

Looking for a user-centric video SDK that offers a wealth of features? Dyte is the solution. Explore it now!

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