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Dyte for Communities

dyte for communities

Communities play a vital role in building our society. They bring people together to help and support each other and grow together. Many communities host meetups, events, and conferences and allow people to share their knowledge and experience.

Since the COVID pandemic, many communities have hosted these events online and kept the community spirit alive. This also allows for reaching out to audiences across the globe. Also, we have NGOs, that are working towards providing education in rural areas and uplifting society.

At Dyte, we recognize communities and would love to help them grow and continue their endeavors. And for this very purpose, we have launched a Community Program! With this program, we are offering Dyte 100% free to NGOs, open-source communities, and developer groups.

Get in touch with us to participate in the program.

What’s in it for the communities?

Each community has its own presence, branding, and rules. With Dyte, we can provide you with the means to keep your identity & branding, and implement controls, without enforcing anything from us. You can customize the default behavior using our ‘No Code’ solution or build a ‘full-blown app’ using the Dyte video SDK.

‘No Code’ solution for communities

NGOs, communities, and developer groups can start using Dyte for their events immediately without writing a single line of code while maintaining their presence and branding. Just sign up on the Dyte website and start hosting your meetings. With a Dyte account, you get the following:

Custom URL

You can create an Organization for your community on Dyte Developer Portal and use a unique URL for your community. You can take a step ahead and add CNAME to this URL. For example:

dev portal of dyte
Custom Live Meeting URL with Organization / Meetup Name

You can host meetups and those will be available on the above URLs.

creating a video meeting on dyte

Branding and identity

Communities have their own identity and branding. You can bring that into Dyte with Presets. For example:

no code video call builder

Enforcing rules

When hosting events, you may have some rules. For example, you may want a webinar where only people on the stage should be allowed to present or a typical group call where anyone can turn on the camera and share their screen. You will have the option to define these rules using Preset.

preset at Dyte

Collaborate using Plugins

During your events — play videos, draw on the screen, or collaborate on the website using Plugins.

video calling plugins


Once the community event is over, you can perform analytics to get stats about how many people joined, from where they joined, and for how long they were present. This information will help understand audience engagement and behavior to plan future events.

video calling analytics

Meeting recordings

Once your event ends, you can process and share the video on social media platforms. For this purpose, we store meeting recordings for seven days and allow you to transfer them to your preferred cloud vendor.

storage of video calls' recording

You can bring Dyte into your existing applications using Dyte SDKs. We have SDKs for almost all platforms targeting desktop, mobile, and web. You can use the SDK that suits your existing solution, for example, React, React Native, Angular, Flutter, etc.

Integrating Dyte into your existing application gives you complete control over every aspect of the meeting. You can use your own authentication system, authorize users, assign different roles, and automate meeting creation, management, and update the meeting. You can even build custom user interfaces using Dyte’s Atomic Design principles. By integrating Dyte into your existing applications, the possibilities are endless.

Apply Now!

If you run a community, developer group, or NGO, contact us; we are more than happy to set up Dyte for you!

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