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DyteCon 1.0: Dyte Team First Meetup at Bangalore 2022

DyteCon 2022

We have been a completely remote team at Dyte, and though it has its advantages, the biggest challenge is that people feel left out quite often. We do have internal processes and methods to leverage asynchronous communication and keep people involved; still, it never hurts to meet all the fantastic people we’ve been working with for over a year now!

In fact, what better way to do this than have our first ever internal conference - DyteCon 🥳

DyteCon 2022

We recently gathered our entire team (30+ members) from all over and beyond India (yup, our international members came too) in Bangalore for a three-day, jam-packed conference - DyteCon!

Team Dyte!
Team Dyte!

This was used not only to get us all together under one roof to get to know each other better and let us leverage this time to get everyone aligned on the Why, What and How of Dyte. We started with a Keynote presented by yours truly, Moi! and followed it with a bunch of technical sessions around webRTC, Dyte SDKs, Automation & Tooling as well as sessions on Asynchronous Communication, Remote Teams and Culture at Dyte!

Apart from the knowledge-packed sessions, we also went out, had fun activities planned and most importantly got amazing photos clicked 📸

What lies ahead is a journey through DyteCon with lots of photos - cause well “a picture is worth a thousand words” 💁🏻‍♂️


We all reached our beautiful hotel, and most of us via flights, except for two brave hearts (and recent dads!) Ninad & Mayur, who decided to take a road trip to Bangalore all the way from Pune 🚘

Fun fact: people travelling from outside Bangalore reached the hotel before some people travelling within the city... anyway, coming back to the hotel. We were welcomed by the DyteCon logo being proudly shown on the TV in the reception!

We got featured :p
We got featured :p

As everyone kept arriving throughout the day, we decided to quickly catch-up and head out for dinner 🍽️

Cute cat wrapped up
Cute cat burrito🌯

The next two days were a lot of workshops and we started our conference talks fairly early (according to my standards, for my parents this will be extremely late)

We gathered around at 9AM and we started with the Keynote which had some really important elements to it, such as - memes....and more memes, and also our photos, did I already mention memes??

Memes, memes and more MEMES!
Memes, memes and more MEMES!
Miscommunication: the bane of remote work!
Miscommunication: the bane of remote work!

Followed by some “motivational” quotes...

Motivational quote- "It's not easy"
"it's not easy"- the motivational quote in question

And some genuine advice!

The Startup Curve by Paul Graham
- Paul Graham (PG the OG)

And all of this in our kickass DyteCon swag!

Our kickass DyteCon swag!

The three days swept by and it was a great experience for everyone involved. We got to spend time with each other and also align on our mission & vision. But, most importantly, we all agreed upon this -

Make something people want.
Thanks for attending!
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