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Launching Dyte’s Live streaming SDK on Product Hunt

Dyte’s Live streaming SDK on Product Hunt

What is Dyte?

We started building Dyte back in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Having started initially as yet another video calling platform we soon transitioned to offering video and voice SDKs after receiving several requests for the same. And, it has been quite a journey ever since 🚀

With a successful Product Hunt launch (#1 of the day and #1 developer tool of the week) and massive love and adoption by our users (aka you!) we’re back with the next product which helps us move closer to our goal of making communications accessible at scale.

We’e super excited to announce the launch of “Dyte’s live-streaming SDK”, the newest addition to the suite of solutions we provide 🎉

Dyte’s Live streaming SDK

Dyte's Live-streaming SDK is designed to enhance your audio and video capabilities by providing a comprehensive range of features. As a versatile SDK provider, expanding our offerings to include live-streaming was a natural progression.

Live-streaming caters to a variety of use-cases, particularly for companies already leveraging our video services. Let’s take you through a few of these use-cases.


  • Gaming: Empower users to captivate their audience by live broadcasting games or engaging in real-time gameplay with fellow gamers, while effortlessly sharing their experiences with viewers.
  • Live Shopping: Elevate the shopping experience by enabling live conversations between customers and their favourite celebrities, while providing real-time product demos that make purchasing decisions more engaging and informed.
  • Live Classes: Empower educators to effortlessly stream live classes to students across various disciplines, whether it's science, baking, or any other subject, facilitating real-time knowledge sharing without any geographical barriers.
  • Live Fitness: Enable fitness coaches to conduct live classes, allowing viewers to actively participate in challenging workout routines, fostering engagement, and ensuring successful routines.
  • Live Events: Allow streamers to broadcast large-scale concerts or conferences, enabling viewers from around the world to enjoy lag-free immersive streaming.

We recognised the need and made it a priority to expand our offerings to meet the demands of our valued users. Needless to say, many of them have already successfully incorporated our live-streaming SDK, benefiting from its exceptional performance. After months of meticulous testing and optimization, we are thrilled to have our live-streaming SDK out of beta and available to the public for seamless integration and utilisation!

Let's delve into some of the features that our Live-streaming SDK offers:

Key Features

  1. Low latency streaming: Experience lightning-fast streams with latency as low as 2 seconds, ensuring your audience enjoys real-time content from anywhere.
  2. Custom layouts: Craft a visually captivating video feed with Dyte's UI Kits, allowing you to create a tailored and engaging user experience for your audience.
  3. Live analytics: Gain comprehensive insights into your live stream's health, user activity, and user behaviour, empowering you with valuable data for optimization.
  4. Adaptive bitrate: Enjoy smooth and uninterrupted live streams, regardless of network conditions, without requiring any manual intervention.
  5. Built-in interactivity: Foster engagement and collaboration with features like whiteboard, chat, reactions, screenshare, polls, and quizzes, making your live streams interactive and captivating.
  6. Seamless host addition: Enable viewers to effortlessly join the livestream and participate in games or activities with the streamer, enhancing the overall experience.
  7. Scalability: With Dyte's robust infrastructure, effortlessly scale your streams to support over 10,000 viewers while maintaining exceptional video quality.
  8. Platform agnostic: Stream live content from any device and browser, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of video codecs. Get started without a hitch!

We are live on Product Hunt today and look forward to your comments and feedback! 🙇

Check us out right now:

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