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Supercharge Your Meetings with Dyte Meeting AI

Supercharge Your Meetings with Dyte Meeting AI

If we asked you to list all the things you wish you could do during your video meetings, writing a meeting minutes document would probably be last on your list. And, if we asked you to list the things you hate the most during a meeting, digressing from the agenda would probably be at the top. That's why we've created a solution for you - Introducing Meeting AI!

Our Meeting AI is your best friend in meetings. With the ability to do everything you want, whether it's summarising meetings into a concise minutes document, keeping participants from straying away from the agenda, or giving you a quick recap of everything that happened while you were busy petting your fur baby, our Meeting AI can do it all.

Let's quickly dive into everything Dyte's Meeting AI is capable of doing.

What do you get?

Transcripts: Live meeting transcription not only allows you to go back and review things discussed during a call, but our transcripts also include timestamped speaker tags. This feature allows for extensive searches of the transcript by speaker, content, and even context.

Live summaries: Meeting AI lets you summarise your entire meeting with just one button click. This can be an incredibly useful tool for individuals who are joining a meeting late or need to review the key points of their meeting quickly. For example, someone can type in the chat a long time after the discussion has happened: "@dyteai what did {participant_name} say about breakout rooms?"

This tool helps you avoid missing important information and stay on top of your work.

MoM: A convergence of the features listed above, our Meeting AI can also write detailed and concise meeting minutes (MoMs). This removes the burden of manually noting down pointers from a single person.

Smart Agenda: Smart Agenda deduces the agenda at the beginning of a call and prompts all participants about it. If the deduced agenda is incorrect, users can inform and edit it, for example: "@dyteai change the agenda of this call to {xyz}". Additionally, it informs participants when a meeting is going off the agenda, helping keep meetings short and to the point.

Deep dive [coming soon]: This solution provides users with prompts that enable a deeper understanding of the discussed topic. It displays additional information that may not have been conveyed during the discussion, making it particularly useful in ed-tech settings.

Private chat [coming soon]: This private chat with Dyte AI is for quick access to look up, summarise, or use any of the aforementioned features during a meeting without having to use a public chat. It's useful in case you haven't been paying attention and need to catch up quickly (cause let's be honest 🤷‍♀️).

AFK mode [coming soon]: AFK mode is a feature where, when enabled, your microphone is muted, and your speakers are turned off. When you return to the meeting, it informs you of what happened while you were away.


Our goal with Meeting AI is to simplify your life by automating as many tasks as possible while allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits of AI integration. With our Meeting AI, you don't need to depend on multiple external tools to leverage the full potential of your meetings. Instead, you can utilize the integrated AI within Dyte meetings, thus not only cutting costs but also increasing productivity.

We hope to continue improving our services to bring you the best communication experience out there, and we can't wait for you to take our Meeting AI for a spin. Fill up the below form and get access to our Meeting AI.

Disclaimer: Meeting AI is still in beta, and its features will keep evolving with user feedback. Keeping that in mind, you might face certain glitches while testing it out. Please write to us at to report any such issues.

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