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Noise Cancellation with Krisp AI

Noise Cancellation with Krisp AI

We're excited to announce Dyte’s partnership with, the leading provider of Voice Productivity AI! By integrating Krisp's advanced AI-based noise-cancellation into our video SDK platform, we're bringing our users an improved video conferencing experience with top-notch audio quality. This lets you eliminate background noise and enjoy crystal-clear conversations with a single click during video calls.

Why Krisp?

Krisp provides users with a unique solution for filtering out background noise during calls and the ability to eliminate noise in real-time.

Krisp AI offers a noise-cancellation solution that utilises deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms. By training the solution on a vast collection of noise and voice samples, it can accurately distinguish between background noise and human speech.

With Krisp, all audio processing occurs directly on your device, ensuring that your audio is never stored or transmitted anywhere, making it both effective and completely private. Krisp AI's noise-cancellation solution is also designed to be low-latency, which means it can remove noise in real-time without causing any noticeable delays or disruptions in the audio.

In addition to its noise-cancellation capabilities, Krisp comes equipped with complementary features such as echo removal and HD voice management, which ensure that you can provide high-quality audio, even when you’re not in a professional studio.

By partnering with Krisp, we're able to offer our customers access to this cutting-edge technology so they can take productive meetings from any corner of the world, whether it be your home, a pizza joint, or a sushi place 🍣

Why is noise-cancellation important?

With Krisp's advanced noise-cancellation technology, Dyte users can filter out background noise such as traffic, music, and other distracting sounds, creating a more professional and polished conversation.

  1. Improved audio quality: Background noise can distract and make hearing someone during a video call difficult. With Krisp, background noise is eliminated, and the audio quality is improved, making it easier to communicate effectively in a video meeting, speaking at a webinar, or hosting a live event.
  2. Increased productivity: Krisp allows participants in a video call to focus on the conversation at hand, leading to increased productivity. Without background noise, there are fewer distractions, and participants can concentrate on what's being said, resulting in a more effective meeting.
  3. Professionalism: Background noise can make a video call feel unprofessional, but with Krisp, participants can communicate more clearly and make a better impression on their colleagues or clients.
  4. Flexibility: The ability to eliminate background noise gives users more flexibility and allows them to take video calls from anywhere without worrying about background noise, including noisy public spaces or home offices with children or pets in the background.

Audio sample with construction noises in the background:

Without noise-cancellation
With noise-cancellation

Dyte Integration Code :

// import/require the package
var DyteKrispNoiseCancellation = require("@dytesdk/krisp-noise-cancellation")

// Initialize the audio transformer
const krispNoiseCancellation = await DyteKrispNoiseCancellation.init();
// Add the middleware to the meeting object
    await krispNoiseCancellation.create(krispAudioOptions)

Contact us at to get access.


By integrating Krisp into our platform, we're bringing our customers better audio quality and flexibility, improving the overall video conferencing experience. We look forward to continuing to make communication more accessible and more effective for our users.

Don’t forget to write to us at about your experience with Dyte’s Krisp integration! We’ll be more than glad to receive your feedback!

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