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Pause and Resume Recordings

Pause and Resume Recordings

In a fast paced world of collaboration the power of recorded meetings cannot be overstated, as they allow for review, analysis, and knowledge sharing. However, one nagging issue has always loomed over recorded meetings - the inability to pause and resume recordings seamlessly. That is, until now.

Imagine you could pause a recording during a meeting, eliminating the need to capture every moment and ensuring that only the crucial information gets documented. Let’s explore this new feature.

The Pause-able Recording

Traditionally, meetings have been recorded in a linear fashion, from start to finish. If someone needs to step out, encounters a technical issue, or simply wants to discuss something off the record, this continuous recording approach becomes cumbersome. Enter the pause-able recording feature. With this feature, meeting participants have the power to temporarily stop the recording, effectively 'pausing' the session.

How it works

Our Dyte APIs allows the meeting host or designated participants to pause the recording at any point during the meeting. When the recording is paused, the system stops capturing audio and video data.

To pause a recording you can call

curl --request PUT \\
  --url <> \\
  --header 'Authorization: Basic undefined' \\
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \\
  --data '{
  "action": "pause"

It will return the recording object with the new PAUSED state, you will also receive a webhook event if you have subscribed to recording updates.

To resume/stop a recording you can call

curl --request PUT \\
  --url <> \\
  --header 'Authorization: Basic undefined' \\
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \\
  --data '{
  "action": "resume"

RECORDINGWhen this is fired it will go through the normal transition to state. A webhook event will be fired for the same.

Upon eventually stopping the recording, our system seamlessly stitches the recorded segments together into a single, coherent file. This process ensures that the resulting recording is easy to navigate, understand, and work with.

Note. Auto stop on participants leave will not work when a recording is paused. You have to manually call stop recording to get the final output. A recording in PAUSED state is still treated as an active recording.


The introduction of pause-able recordings marks a significant leap in improving the way meetings and discussions are documented and managed. This feature not only enhances privacy and control but also paves the way for more efficient, focused, and productive meetings.


Q Does it work across sessions?
A No pausing and resuming of recording work during a single active session.

Q Is there a limit on how many times we can pause and resume?
A There is no hard limit on how many times you can pause and resume a single recording. But note there will be the usually delay of start recording when you try resuming a recording.

Q Does it work when there are multiple recording going on for a particular meeting?
A Yes it works across multiple recordings happening simultaneously

Q Is it available for V1 API or is this a V2 only feature?
A Unfortunately it is a V2 only feature. In case you need help transitioning from V1 to V2 you can contact our support

Q What happens if I try to start a recording for a meeting, if there is already a recording in PAUSED state?
A PAUSED recordings are treated as active recordings. If you pass multi as false, you will receive an error, but if you pass multi as true it will start a new recording.

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