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Introducing Dyte’s v2 APIs

Introducing Dyte v2 APIs

We're excited to announce the release of our v2 REST APIs, which are faster, more idiomatic, and easier to use.

With v2 endpoints you can manage your Dyte’s organizations, sessions, meetings, recording, webhooks, livestreaming, analytics, and much more.

In this blog post, we will highlight the newly added endpoints as well as some of the major enhancements and performance improvements.

Feature highlights

Here are the major highlights of v2 APIs.

New endpoints

The following new endpoints have been added:

  • Sessions: Using v2 APIs, you can get details of all the sessions (a session refers to a meeting that is completed) in your organization, participant list, participants details, and more.
  • Active session: Active session endpoints allow you to fetch details of an active session (an active session refers to a meeting that is currently running or taking place), kick participants, create poll, mute participants, and so on.
  • Livestreaming: Managing livestreaming using APIs is also possible now :) You can use Dyte's v2 APIs to create a livestream, start livestreaming a meeting, and retrieve livestreaming details.
  • Analytics: You can get complete statistics of an organization for the specified time period.
  • Organizations: You can create an organization, get all the details of an organization, edit the details, and so on using the APIs.


All endpoints now support pagination. The responses to v2 APIs are paginated to make them easier to handle.

Enhanced structure

We have improved the structure of our API requests and responses. There were a few ambiguous terms and routes in the v1 APIs; we've deprecated any such terms and fields. The new APIs are more idiomatic to use and fit your use case perfectly.

Improved performance

Enjoy faster response times and greater availability now:

  • Analytics improved by nearly 32%
  • Adding a participant time is improved by 71%
  • Caching has greatly improved
  • Most endpoint response times improved by nearly 89%

Getting started with v2 APIs

To get started quickly, check out our documentation here. The APIs can be found at

You can also watch our video, which explains v2 APIs in detail.

Using Dyte’s Postman Collection

Before you begin using Dyte's Postman collections, you must first ensure that you have registered in the Developer portal. You can find out more about obtaining access on our Getting started page.

While you could build the specific endpoints you require to use within Postman, we did all of the heavy lifting and built a ready-to-use collection of relevant APIs.
Check out the Postman v2 API collection and start building your real-time communication apps.


You are now aware that we have launched v2 APIs that are better compared to v1. But why did v2 become necessary?  What were the issues we were having with v1 APIs?

As you are all fully cognizant, software development is an iterative process. You try something, see what breaks, repair it, and then try again. This golden rule applied to Dyte as well 🙂

After our initial implementation, as we began to serve clients and customers, we noticed some traffic issues in our system. Our traffic was very spiky on the backend layer (i.e., without media logic). Our RDBMS was also not scaling properly due to some write issues, severely reducing performance.

Because our design goal is to provide simple low-code interfaces to the mystical dark arts of WebRTC, our APIs must be simple to consume and performant, and that's why v2.


What will happen to v1 APIs?

Don't worry if you've already integrated with Dyte's v1 APIs! We will continue to provide support for the foreseeable future.

The old APIs will remain operational, but we strongly recommend that you migrate to v2 as soon as possible; they bring a number of improvements, including improved performance and new functionality. Most importantly, new features will only be developed using the v2 APIs, providing a strong incentive to migrate.

Do reach out to us for any help, question, or suggestion.

How do I access the new APIs?

You can access the APIs from

Looking forward!

Our latest v2 API provides all of the flexibility and intelligence required by engineering teams, allowing you to get even more out of Dyte.

We’re continuing to add new features and functionality to Dyte’s API v2. This initial launch provides the foundation for greater things to come, so look for more functionality in the future.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please reach out to us with any questions or feedback on our support. Be sure to tweet us to let us know what you build!

Can’t wait to see what you build using our new v2 APIs!

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