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Pensil Powered by Dyte

Pensil chose Dyte for their community building platform.

At Dyte, we strive to provide you with the best video and voice communications experience possible. To achieve this, it is important for us to solicit feedback from our customers and partners. The importance of feedback and collaboration in our success story cannot be overemphasized.
We're super excited to have Pensil onboard. Anil Meena of Pensil describes his experience with Dyte so far in his own words.

A Brief Introduction to Pensil

Pensil is a community-building platform for brands & creators to bring together their audience under their own branded network. Pensil provides a white-label solution that is customizable to fit all sorts of use cases like cohort-based courses, startup or customer communities, platforms for coaches or mentors, etc.

We started Pensil in the midst of a pandemic around the second quarter of 2020. Initially, the idea was to provide a simple platform for teachers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to bring their students online and deliver courses.

As an entirely bootstrapped early-stage startup without much funds, we patched a few open-source platforms like Canvas & BigBlueButton in the hopes of delivering a seamless experience. But opting for a free, open-source platform comes with the downside of limitations to customization and innovation.

Why Dyte?

I met Abhishek, co-founder of Dyte, at a founders' meetup in Gurgaon around the end of the year 2020. Since most of us were first-time founders, almost all of us clicked together very nicely and started introducing ourselves along with what we were building. As soon as I heard Abhishek pitch about building a video calling platform, I asked him if we could start using it with our platform. Since Pensil was also under development and cost and support are something very valuable for any initial startup.

I guess the most important reasons for us to pick Dyte were affordability, support, documentation and knowing their founder in person, which did not limit the support & guidance to the product but went way beyond.

Pensil and Dyte’s Integration

In almost a few weeks, we integrated Dyte into our platform and were impressed with the quality of the product and the support we received from the Dyte team. I think Dyte stands out in terms of its service & support. Developing a product, as most people know, is an extremely iterative process and Dyte’s product updates matured very quickly resulting in Pensil’s video quality improving significantly as well. Easy documentation and knowing that the team is just a call away built our confidence in delivering the best video calling experience to our customers.

Currently, 50+ of our customers conduct video calls and webinars on our platform with Dyte as its backbone and also share the recordings on social media. Overall it's one of the best video calling experiences - not our words but our customers' feedback.

With the kind of roadmap they have in place, I know Dyte will soon be leaving many competitors behind in terms of video & voice calling experience.

Pensil UI with Dyte
Pensil UI with Dyte


We would sincerely like to thank Anil for his time and valuable feedback. We are looking forward to having an even stronger relationship with Pensil, with improved quality and support. Let's grow together on this journey!

If you haven't heard of Dyte yet, go to to learn how our SDKs and libraries are revolutionizing live video and voice calling experience. Don't just take our word for it; try it for yourself!  Dyte offers free 10,000 minutes every month to get you started quickly. If you have any questions or simply want to chat with us, please contact us through support or visit our developer community forum. Looking forward to it!

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