How Aeon Hire (powered by MSH) Built Interactive Interview Platform with Dyte

In conversation with Carl Osterman, CTO at Aeon

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MSH, based in Florida, is a top player in talent acquisition, recruiting, and tech consulting. With a decade in service solutions, MSH now ventures into HR-tech with Aeon Hire, a comprehensive SaaS product supporting the entire hiring team for long-term candidate success.
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MSH, headquartered in Florida, USA, is a leading force in talent acquisition, recruiting, and technology consulting. With a more than a decade of expertise in service-based solutions, MSH has expanded into the HR-tech space to revolutionize the hiring process. Their SaaS product, Aeon Hire, is designed for the entire hiring team, not just specialists or managers. It prioritizes long-term candidate success with support through their first year, making it a comprehensive HR-tech platform.

Aeon Hire stands out by offering a comprehensive solution that supports the entire hiring process — from crafting precise job descriptions using AI and proprietary talent intelligence to sourcing candidates and conducting insightful video interviews powered by Dyte's technology. This integration allows for real-time transcription, recording, and analysis of interviews, providing a wealth of information that aids in making informed hiring decisions.

Twilio Video Sunsetting: A Blessing in Disguise

When Twilio Video announced it was sunsetting, it threw us for a loop. Suddenly, we were scrambling to find a replacement that wouldn't disrupt our work or slow us down. It wasn't just about finding a new tool; it was about finding a way to keep our project on schedule without compromising on the quality and innovation we aim for.

The Aeon Hire team had a considerable amount of experience working with Twilio and its products. In late 2023, they had already developed a prototype using Twilio's Programmable Video and planned to start integrating it into their system the following month. However, they were caught off guard as Twilio announced the sunset of their programmable video just before their holidays.

While searching for alternatives, the team considered various aspects and bumped into a couple of challenges:

  • Complex integration

The goal of integrating real-time video and AI to give hiring managers a lot more data introduced significant technical challenges. Twilio Video platform didn’t have flexibility in terms of APIs and Webhooks that the engineering team could use to extract insights from video calls to feed the AI algorithms that powered post-interview analytics. 

  • Limited developer experience

The team initially felt comfortable integrating with Twilio due to familiarity with the platform. However, during the development, they saw limitations that hindered development velocity. Twilio Video’s Twilio's documentation lacked the detailed level of information the team required, leading to the team’s time spent looking at Reddit and Stackoverflow for answers. Additionally, response times from Twilio support were slow, which paused development.

  • Lack of customization and high latency

Even as the team powered through these challenges, they realized that fixing latency would offer a superior interview experience. The limitations of their initial setup became apparent. The team needed high-quality, low-latency video streams, customizable UI/UX, and scalable infrastructure to support growth.

  • Dependency on Twilio Video

The final wrench came into the picture when Twilio announced the sunsetting of their video product. It was a problem because Aeon Hire had built the live video prototype into their platform using Twilio Video. This choice was based on previous positive experiences and the reliability of Twilio as a developer-first platform.

Aeon Hire needed a solution and needed it fast.

Enter Dyte. 

How Aeon Hire uses Dyte

Discovering Dyte was a game-changer for us and Aeon Hire. It was exactly what we needed – their toolkit clicked right into place, and the customization they offered really matched our goals for Aeon Hire.

After getting their hands burnt by Twilio Video, Aeon Hire needed a live video SDK, and needed it yesterday. The platform that would replace Twilio Video had to be reliable at scale, flexible enough so that they could build custom UX and features, and offer great development experience. 

The team was keen on avoiding the complexities and maintenance challenges associated with building directly on top of low-level WebRTC technologies, given their past experiences.  Although they explored other options like Zoom SDK, they discovered that Dyte's built-in features and seamless integration were a better partner.

With Dyte’s commitment to a smooth transition from Twilio Video coupled with a robust feature set and support, the switch was easy for the Aeon team.

Here's why Aeon Hire chose Dyte:

  • Smooth Integration

The Aeon Hire team made a quick transition from Twilio Video to align with its product roadmap within a week. This shift was made possible with the help of Dyte's SDK which facilitated a smooth addition of video features to Aeon Hire, accelerating the development process. With Dyte's easy-to-integrate SDK, the Aeon Hire team was able to turn its concept into a deployable integration in less than a week.

  • Well-Crafted Documentation

Dyte's documentation was a hit with Aeon Hire’s developers. Its clarity and structure made navigation easy, helping them integrate Dyte quickly. This reduced the need to schedule extensive troubleshooting sessions with Dyte engineers. 

  • Customization

Dyte stood out for its customization capabilities, closely matching the needs of a branded user experience in Aeon Hire. This customization went beyond mere aesthetic adjustments, offering functional customization like specific video blur values, and flexibility not easily found in other solutions.

  • Innovative Features and Strong Partnership

Dyte's eagerness to form a genuine partnership was highlighted by providing the Aeon Hire team early access to features such as transcription service. This supportive relationship gave them confidence in Dyte as a partner for mutual growth.

Dyte's technology stack not only met but exceeded Aeon Hire's expectations in terms of technical alignment and customization capabilities. This allowed for a seamless user experience that maintained Aeon Hire's strong brand identity throughout the interview process. Additionally, Dyte's innovative features, such as in-beta transcriptions, provided Aeon Hire with the tools to develop advanced interview intelligence functionalities, adding significant value to their offering.

Migrating to Dyte amidst the Twilio sunset didn’t slow down our roadmap, but accelerated it.

Dyte features used

  • Live Video
  • Transcription Services
  • UI kit
Aeon Hire interview co-pilot
Having transcription even when it was is beta, I really look at it as a true partnership and a customer success story.
1 day
to integrate
1 week
to go from prototype to production
1 month
development time saved

Looking ahead

Future plans

Looking ahead, Aeon Hire plans to build deeper analytics through video and transcription data alongside leveraging video recordings to provide additional insights to the hiring teams they empower.



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