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CoffeeMug is a professional networking platform. It leverages artificial intelligence to help its members make meaningful connections that can be crucial for their career growth. In a short span of time, it has grown its membership to over 250,000 individuals who are actively engaged, with more than 10,000 meetings happening on the platform every week. Learn how it used Dyte to make user to user live interactions more natural. 

CoffeeMug’s challenges

The company struggled to host over 400 concurrent 1:1 virtual meetings, especially on mobile with the existing solution in place.That plus the fact that the existing solution cost a lot to operate and didn’t offer a lot of opportunities to customize the live experience made CoffeeMug go out to look for a new solution. 

  • High volume virtual meetings

The platform couldn’t handle over 400 simultaneous 1:1 video calls between users with the current sets of live video solutions CoffeeMug tried to integrate. The problem was worse on mobile — where most of CoffeeMug’s users resided.

  • Affordable and customizable video solution

Another challenge was finding a video conferencing SDK solution that could be easily branded and customized to their specific needs and allowed them to seamlessly integrate it into their web, mobile, and app platforms. 

  • Balancing user access

CoffeeMug faced the challenge of balancing user access between mobile web and app interfaces. They needed to cater to the preferences of a diverse user base without forcing users to switch platforms for specific features like video calls.

CoffeeMug and Dyte's collaboration found a reliable partner in Dyte to fuel its professional video calls. Dyte successfully addressed CoffeeMug's needs by offering a scalable, mobile web-friendly, and customizable video SDK solution. This collaboration helped CoffeeMug sustain its user growth trajectory.

Dyte's unwavering commitment to solving every problem and prioritizing our needs is impressive. Their tech capability, user sensitivity, and future thinking shine through. Remarkable support!
  • Scalable video solution

Dyte offered a video solution that could scale with CoffeeMug's rapidly expanding user base. This ability to host thousands of concurrent meetings was invaluable to CoffeeMug, allowing them to cater to their growing users' needs and promoting their continuous growth.

  • Mobile web-friendly

Dyte's Video SDK is compatible with all mobile, PC, and web platforms, a vital feature for CoffeeMug given the significant number of users accessing the platform through mobile web. This compatibility ensured that users enjoyed a seamless and consistent experience, irrespective of the device they were using.

  • User-centric approach

Dyte's commitment to understanding and resolving user needs perfectly aligned with CoffeeMug's own user-centric approach. Their combined efforts resulted in an improved user experience, with problem-solving and user needs at the forefront of their considerations., with Dyte's Video SDK, hosts over 10,000 meetings weekly for its 250,000+ members. The collaboration ensured a seamless user experience across all platforms. Dyte's affordable, scalable, and mobile-friendly solution enabled CoffeeMug to offer high-quality services while addressing user needs, like privacy features for women members, leading to mutual growth and success.

3 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
1 week
time to go live

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