How Graphy Enabled Creators Host Live Cohort-based Courses with Dyte Integration

In conversation with Gourav Kakkar, VP of Products at Graphy

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Graphy by Unacademy empowers creators to transform their knowledge into thriving online communities. With interactive features like real-time video, engaging content tools, and built-in e-commerce, Graphy creates a one-stop shop for building online communities. Read on to discover how Graphy's shift from Zoom SDK to the Dyte platform unlocks a more interactive and customizable learning environment for creators and learners alike
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Graphy’s challenges

As Zoom's limitations became clear, we realized we needed a more robust platform. One that could not only support our existing infrastructure but also allow us to innovate and deliver more interactive and engaging educational experiences

Graphy aimed to empower creators by turning their knowledge and skills into income. However, this journey wasn't without obstacles. Before Dyte's integration, Graphy faced challenges that limited its growth. Managing the cost and scalability of Zoom's live sessions proved to be a major hurdle. Additionally, offering essential educational features like interactive tools and maintaining a consistent user experience was difficult with Zoom.

Here are the challenges Graphy faced:

  • Feature Gap

Zoom's core functionality focused on video conferencing, lacking the essential features needed for a robust online learning experience. Features like integrated whiteboards, pen tablet support, real-time Q&A sections, and interactive polls were crucial for creators to engage with their students effectively. But they couldn’t add them on the Zoom SDK.

  • Limited Customization 

Zoom offered minimal options for Graphy to tailor the user interface with their brand. Things like colors, button placement, logos, or fonts were fixed. This lack of customization hindered Graphy’s ability to establish a strong brand identity within their online courses.

  • Developer Friction

While Zoom's SDK presented significant compatibility issues with third-party webview apps. This incompatibility prevented live classes from functioning within platforms like Instagram's web view, even though they might work flawlessly in standard browsers like Chrome.

  • Cost Constraints

Zoom's per-user model was initially cost-effective (with limitations on participants per call). However, as Graphy's creator base grew, managing numerous licenses became expensive. Shifting the cost to creators by requiring linked Zoom accounts offered a temporary fix, but wasn't sustainable.

How Graphy uses Dyte

Dyte has made a significant impact on Graphy. Learners now experience smooth content delivery, even with unreliable internet connections, ensuring uninterrupted learning and high-quality instruction

Graphy's move to Dyte stemmed from the need for a platform that could adapt and grow alongside them. Dyte's flexibility and rich features better aligned with Graphy's goals and empowered their creator community. 

This switch addressed Graphy's immediate technical needs for a rapidly scaling platform.  Dyte also facilitated deeper creator engagement with viewers, fostering a more personalized and adaptable learning experience.

Here's why Graphy chose Dyte:

  • Streamlined Onboarding

Dyte's team closely partnered with Graphy from the design phase, translating design ideas into a final UI within the Graphy platform. Proactive support, including a dedicated Slack group and regular onboarding calls, offered invaluable guidance and troubleshooting throughout the integration.

  • Customized UX

Dyte's UI kit and the ability to build custom widgets on top of live video empowered Graphy to personalize the learning experience to a high degree. Creators can use these features to tailor course interfaces to their content and teaching style. Learners benefit from a more engaging and interactive learning environment built around their needs.  

  • Advanced Features

Dyte’s flexibility fueled innovation for Graphy in two key areas. It enabled an anti-piracy feature that displays viewer names during live sessions, deterring unauthorized recordings. Plus, the engineering team could rework the Dyte interface to develop a webinar feature inside their platform, expanding the course formats available for creators and students.

  • Cost-Effective Scaling

Switching to Dyte offered a scalable and affordable solution for Graphy's growing live video sessions. Dyte's usage-based pricing, coupled with proactive support and battle-tested infrastructure, allowed Graphy to scale without stress. 

  • Enhanced Developer Experience

With easy-to-read documentation, responsive support, and a flexible SDK, the Graphy development team faced fewer challenges than when building with Dyte. This smoother development process accelerated the rollout of new features, making it easier for Graphy to meet user needs.

Dyte features used

  • Custom widgets
  • UI kit


With Dyte we could empower our creators with unparalleled content security and insights, fostering a thriving community of educators dedicated to sharing their knowledge.
2 weeks
to go live
monthly calls
2 million
minutes consumed/month

Looking ahead

Future plans

Moving forward, Graphy plans to leverage Dyte's live video analytics to gather more learner insights. This will allow them to build a more thorough analytics dashboard, empowering creators with a deeper understanding of their users and the gain ability to tailor content.



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