How iMocha Streamlined Skills Assessment and Video Proctoring with Dyte

In conversation with Sujit, Co-Founder and CTO of iMocha

12 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
2 weeks
time to go live
Human Resources
Live Coding Interview, Automated Video Interviews, Smart Video Proctoring
iMocha is an AI-powered Skills Intelligence Cloud, designed to transform how enterprises approach talent management, talent acquisition, and talent development.
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iMocha, formerly known as Interview Mocha, is a leading skills assessment platform that empowers organizations to build winning teams. With a focus on various industries such as IT/ITeS, Banking, Financial Services, Engineering, Insurance, and Telecom, iMocha provides skills intelligence for recruitment, and learning and development.

iMocha's challenges

iMocha had been using Twilio Video for video proctoring before switching to Dyte. Based on the Twilio's announcement in Dec 2023, Twilio Programmable Video is sunsetting - so in case you are looking for an alternative, checkout this honest comparison between Twilio Video and Dyte

Dyte reduced our development timeline by 7X and speed up our go-to-market by almost by 12 months.    
  • Complex implementation

Previous live video providers were hard to implement and required a lot of effort to maintain, causing delays and slowing down product development timelines.

  • Limited customization options

The existing solutions lacked the flexibility and customization required to meet iMocha's specific requirements for their interview platform and video proctoring solution.

  • Scaling limitations

The need to handle tens of thousands of concurrent sessions during online tests posed scalability challenges, making it crucial to find a solution that could dynamically scale to meet their demands.

  • Communication gaps

The iMocha team faced difficulties in effectively communicating their requirements and expectations between their skills assessment and engineering teams, resulting in inefficiencies and misunderstandings.

iMocha's success with Dyte

iMocha demo screenshot of Smart Video Proctoring

iMocha was in search of a live video provider that could meet their specific needs for skills assessment and video proctoring. After exploring various options, they discovered Dyte's platform and were impressed by its capabilities.

The support from both the development team and the founders has been outstanding.

Upon integrating with Dyte, iMocha experienced improvements in their processes:

  • Simplified integration

Dyte's UI Kits and Core SDKs provided an easy integration process, allowing iMocha to quickly incorporate live video into their interview platform. The ease of integration reduced development timelines and accelerated their go-to-market strategy.

  • Enhanced customization and user experience

With Dyte, iMocha gained access to a wide range of customizations, including in-app recording and the ability to build a code editor on top of the platform. These features enhanced the user experience and facilitated skills assessment and coding interviews.

  • Scalable video proctoring solution

Dyte's web-core SDK enabled iMocha to develop a Smart Video Proctoring Solution capable of handling thousands of concurrent sessions. The platform's ability to process raw video streams and provide detailed analytics ensured smooth online test proctoring.

  • Improved communication and support

iMocha appreciated the support provided by the Dyte team, including quick responses to feature requests and issue resolutions. The collaboration between both teams facilitated efficient communication, bridging the gap between skills assessment and engineering teams.

Integrating Dyte into their skills assessment and video proctoring processes has yielded benefits for iMocha, including:

12 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
2 weeks
time to go live

Looking ahead

iMocha is delighted with the results achieved through their partnership with Dyte. The integration of Dyte's live video capabilities has reduced development timelines and made it easier for customers to conduct skills assessment and video proctoring through the product. As iMocha continues to scale and expand its services, they look forward to further collaboration with Dyte to drive their success.


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Sairee Chahal
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