How Dyte Powers>6,000 Interviews per Month for Masai School

In conversation with Amogh Pachpor, Product Manager at Masai School

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Masai’s challenges

Transitioning to online learning posed challenges in preserving teaching quality and student experience as we navigated technological constraints put on us by Zoom.

When COVID-19 hit, Masai School quickly moved from physical classrooms to an online format, facing challenges in adapting technology, teaching methods, and student assessments. This transition aimed to maintain education quality and student experience without compromising operational and technological aspects.

But the switch to the online mode of education wasn’t smooth…

  • The manual process of sending Zoom links to student and managing their calendars was labor-intensive, with no integration with the LMS.   
  • Ensuring that students installed and used the correct version of the Zoom app was a significant operations challenge. 
  • Masai’s team struggled with tracking student engagement on Zoom due to the platform's lack of detailed per-user engagement analytics.
  • Cheating in online exams became prevalent, raising concerns about the reliability of assessments and leading to a shift towards mock interviews. 
  • Sharing files during online classes wasn’t possible through Zoom, causing delays in students accessing necessary learning materials.
  • There was no effective system for transcribing class lectures, disadvantaging students who depended on written materials.

Masai School needed a flexible solution to integrate a custom live video experience into their learning management system, capable of handling thousands of students simultaneously.

Enter Dyte.

Masai integrating Dyte

Dyte revolutionized our student grading and support systems. It integrates smoothly with our LMS, keeping students engaged on our platform. We've build custom features around the Dyte video player, and now conduct all our mock interviews exclusively through it.

Masai School's adoption of Dyte started with a focus on customizability and seamless integration. The team tested Dyte by building a test live video experience inside their platform using Dyte’s pre-built UI kit. The test experience was ready in under a day and the team loved how easy it was to add custom branding and build additional functionality on top of Dyte via webhooks. 

Dyte's integration brought advanced analytics tools, enabling precise tracking of student engagement and attendance—a significant improvement over previous platforms. Dyte also enabled Masai to use plugins like whiteboard and code editor during the class to improve student learning outcomes. 

The real test of Dyte came when Masai School used it for conducting mock interviews for their senior students, particularly those who were close to completing the course and sitting for placement. The platform's success in handling 200-300 interviews in a single week without major issues marked a significant milestone. This success led to a phased implementation across other batches, demonstrating Dyte's scalability and effectiveness in real-world educational scenarios, and greatly reduced the school's dependency on external assessment services and improved academic integrity with enhanced security measures.

Masai School expanded its operations by launching a new division, Level Up, focused on job placement interviews. Dyte played a key role in enabling Masai with the new venture—by serving as the core around which the LevelUp platform was built. The platform connects job seekers and mentors, helping candidates prepare effectively for interviews—and this is all powered by Dyte.

Conducting over 1000 interviews a day across Masai School and the Level Up company, Dyte became an integral part of their online learning and assessment strategy, enhancing both student experience and operational efficiency.

Dyte features used

  • UI kit
  • No code UI customization
  • Whiteboard 
  • Plugins

Dyte has been instrumental in improving our student results. The platform’s customization capabilities, reliability, and scalability has given us confidence to use it for more and more projects. Happy with what we’ve achieved with Dyte.

6 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
3 week
time to go live

Looking ahead

Masai School's future plans include expanding its curriculum to cater to a larger student base. The scalability and customization provided by Dyte are key as they aim to introduce more advanced courses and teaching methods.


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