How Pensil Revolutionized Community Building with Dyte

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Pensil, launched in 2020, serves as a platform that enables brands and creators to establish their own branded networks. It offers a white-label solution, tailored to fit a broad range of needs, including hosting online courses, forming communities, and creating platforms for coaching or mentorship programs. Learn how Pensil used Dyte to build better live experiences on its platform. 

Pensil’s challenges

Starting out as a new venture, Pensil faced its share of struggles. The team poured their heart into the project, yet budget constraints limited their options when it came to building better online teaching and 1:1 live conversation tools inside their platform. 

  • Overcoming customization limits

In an attempt to work within the budget constraints, Pensil chose to use free, open-source live video platforms like Canvas & BigBlueButton. These platforms, though helpful, restricted Pensil's ability to fully tailor their platform according to the needs of their users.

  • Chasing quality assurance

Quality has always been at the heart of Pensil's mission. However, this became a challenging pursuit when the platforms they initially used failed to meet their high expectations. Dealing with issues like video call disruptions and glitches during online classes was particularly disheartening. 

  • Navigating financial constraints

Pensil's journey began as a self-funded startup, which inevitably led to financial constraints. This reality created a challenging environment, particularly when they wanted to invest in better live online teaching tools, they needed a cost effective video SDK.

Pensil and Dyte's collaboration

Pensil's alliance with Dyte began when the founders from both the companies crossed paths at a founders' meetup. This partnership enhanced Pensil's customization capabilities and improved the quality of their services. With Dyte's powerful platform now part of their arsenal, Pensil could better fulfill their commitment to delivering top-tier user experiences.

The most important reasons for us to pick Dyte were affordability, support, documentation and knowing their founder in person, which did not limit the support & guidance to the product but went way beyond.
  • Reliable customer support

One of the significant advantages Pensil gained from the collaboration with Dyte was their 24*7 customer support. With detailed documentation and an available support team, Dyte provided Pensil with the technical guidance they needed.

  • Improved service quality

The integration of Dyte's superior product dramatically improved the video calling experience on Pensil's platform. The enhancement in quality brought Pensil closer to their goal of providing top-notch services. Overcoming the quality assurance challenges that haunted their initial journey, Pensil was now able to deliver seamless, high-definition video calls, enriching the overall user experience.

  • Affordable, high-quality service

By integrating Dyte's cost-effective video calling platform, Pensil was able to provide high-quality and reliable live video in the live video interactions. This strategic partnership helped Pensil to navigate their budget constraints while ensuring they didn't have to compromise on user experience.

Pensil's collaboration with Dyte has been a resounding success. Over 50 of Pensil's customers now conduct video calls and webinars using Dyte's platform. The user feedback is overwhelmingly positive, indicating a significantly improved user experience. With Dyte as its backbone, Pensil is delivering a top-tier video calling experience, setting a high standard in the digital communication landscape.

6 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
1 week
time to go live

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