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Preplaced’s challenges

We grappled with the limitations of Google Meet, particularly its inability to automatically record sessions, a crucial feature for our mentorship programs. Additionally, managing the logistics of these sessions manually became more demanding as we scaled.

Preplaced’s primary challenge was their reliance on Google Meet—a platform they used from their initial days of building the company. Google Meet lacked crucial features like—

  • No automatic session recording: 

Google Meet's lack of an automatic session recording feature significantly hindered Preplaced. This was particularly problematic because recording sessions is crucial for mentorship programs, where reviews and revisits of sessions are essential for learning and improvement. 

  • Increased manual effort: 

Preplaced team had to manage each session's operations —like setting up the meeting, sending links to relevant students, ensuring unverified folks hadn’t joined, and ensuring each student had a Google Meet app installed. This process was labor-intensive and impractical, especially as the number of sessions increased.

Managing even a modest number of sessions, such as 10 per day, required substantial effort and attention. This level of manual involvement meant that staff members could not effectively engage in other tasks, leading to inefficiency in operations.

As the demand for their services grew, they faced the challenge of integrating more interactive and customizable features. The need for tools like feedback forms, whiteboards, and code editors became apparent. These challenges were compounded by the challenges they faced trying to integrate the classes into the backend infrastructure. 

Dyte powering Preplaced’s mentorship sessions

Adopting Dyte resolved the burning challenges we were facing at the time and opened the door for us to make our user’s experience better.

Preplaced's initial challenges with Google Meet's limitations prompted them to seek a more effective solution, leading them to Dyte. The integration of Dyte, completed in just one night, revolutionized Preplaced's approach to managing mentoring sessions. They established a dedicated platform,, specifically for scheduled calls, significantly making it easier to organize and manage the sessions. 

The team invested 3 weeks in planning for this integration, focusing on key features such as live chat, scheduling, and feedback to ensure a seamless user experience. 

  • Creating interactive custom plugins: 

With Dyte, Preplaced could create custom plugins on top of the live video experience. They built interactive plugins such as a code editor for mentors to assess mentees' coding skills, and a session management tool to set clear agendas and goals, ensuring consistent, effective mentorship from the start.

  • Getting responsive support: 

The integration process was further smoothed by the responsive and prompt support from Dyte's team. This assistance was crucial, particularly considering Preplaced's relatively small development team size at the time, and allowed them to resolve any challenges encountered during the integration quickly.

  • Creating beautiful experiences faster:

The Team at Preplaced used Dyte’s UI kit to quickly transform the live experience design concepts into real-time video experiences for their users. This made integrating with Dyte even quicker for the developers.

The shift to Dyte enabled Preplaced to manage a large volume of over 5000 sessions/month, showcasing Dyte's ability to handle a high volume of sessions and students. This scalability, coupled with the flexibility in session lengths, enabled Preplaced to cater to a diverse range of mentoring needs and preferences. 

Dyte features used

  • Recording
  • Auto Bandwidth Switching
  • Pre-built UI

Thanks to Dyte, Preplaced has experienced remarkable growth in scale and efficiency. We now successfully conduct thousands of sessions each month, catering to a diverse range of mentoring needs. This rapid and effective scale-up is a testament to Dyte's capabilities and its impact on our platform.

3 months
reduced dev time
monthly calls
2 weeks
time to go live

Looking ahead

Preplaced plans to use custom plugins in Dyte to add more interactivity in their classes. They also plan to introduce more classes in the next year. current focus on using custom plugins and a browser-based approach.


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