How Graphy Community Platform Enabled Creators Host Live Video with Dyte

In conversation with Medha Ahuja, Associate Product Manager at Graphy Community Platform (formerly Scenes)

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Graphy Community Platform (formerly Scenes), empowers creators and businesses to build, manage, and monetize online communities.
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Graphy Community Platform (formerly Scenes) empowers creators and businesses to build, manage, and monetize online communities. The platform offers tools like secure payment processing, member moderation functionalities, and event hosting capabilities, all designed to foster deeper audience engagement.

Read on to learn how Graphy Community Platform used Dyte to integrate lag-free live video experiences, supporting over 10,000 concurrent viewers, into their platform.

Graphy Community Platform’s Challenges

As we tackled the challenges of integrating live video, the limitations of our initial approach became clear. We needed a flexible live video solution that could adapt to our needs rather than us bending to its constraints

Driven by user feedback during the COVID-19 pandemic, Graphy Community Platforms identified a growing need for real-time interaction beyond the static content feeds within the communities. Live video between the community owner and members emerged as a solution. 

Video calls would allow for a more immediate connection within communities and create a stronger sense of belonging. So their engineering team got to work.

Graphy Community Platform initially integrated the Zoom Video SDK into its platform due to its widespread recognition and user familiarity. However, this approach presented several hurdles:

  • Barrier to Entry

Needing both separate Zoom accounts and licenses, on top of integrating those accounts for live video setup, created significant friction to get started. This complex process for new users directly contradicted Graphy Community Platform’s goal of providing an accessible and user-friendly platform.

  • Juggling Interfaces Frustrated Users

Creators found themselves juggling between Graphy Community Platform’s interface and Zoom. They had to look at the dashboard to monitor user engagement, and Zoom's call window to run the actual live interaction with students. This dual-interface setup complicated the teaching process and fragmented the learning experience for students.

  • Growth Became Costly

Zoom's licensing model restricted the number of participants in a live call based on the license tier held by their customers. As the number of community members grew, they would need to upgrade to more expensive Zoom licenses, creating a financial and logistical barrier to community expansion.

  • Constant Maintenance  

Maintaining the live video feature required constant alignment with Zoom's frequent updates. They needed to dedicate resources to monitor and implement these updates to ensure the live video functionality remained operational. This diverted resources from developing other platform features and hindered overall innovation.

In an effort to improve performance and product experience, the Graphy Community Platform’s team opted to add Zoom SDK along with 100ms for their live video experiences.

While the switch to 100ms Video SDK initially appeared to be simple, the team soon discovered the 100ms SDK's limitations. These limitations required a substantial engineering investment from their team.

To deliver a rich user experience, they had to develop a custom UI from scratch to integrate seamlessly with the live video feed. Additionally, essential interactive features like polls and chat functionalities had to be built entirely in-house, further straining engineering resources.

Despite all the efforts, users still complained of a lagging in-call experience. 

Graphy Community Platform needed something better. That’s when they found Dyte.

How Graphy Community Platform uses Dyte

Adding Dyte to Graphy Community Platform’s has been a big win. It's made our platform way better for bringing communities together. Dyte got rid of the things that stopped our platform from growing and made connecting easier than ever for our users.

The integration of Dyte transformed the user experience for Graphy’s Community Platform. By overcoming the challenges of previous third-party solutions like Zoom, Dyte prioritizes ease of use, accessibility, and overall engagement. This reinforces Graphy Community Platform’s commitment to an unparalleled community experience.

Here's why Graphy Community Platform chose Dyte:

  • Effortless Setup

Their customers can now ditch the hassle of managing separate accounts and licenses for live events, a common pain point with Zoom. Dyte's streamlined setup lets users jump right into interactions, eliminating wasted time on setup.

  • Unified Experience

Live events and audience management can now be handled entirely within their interface. This eliminates the frustration of switching between platforms and creates a cohesive environment that boosts participation and interaction for everyone.

  • Simplified Costs

With Dyte, a single subscription to Graphy’s Community Platform covers everything its customers need to run live events in their community. No more worrying about additional live video licenses that can inflate costs and limit accessibility. 

  • Proactive Support

Dyte's exceptional support ensured a smooth transition for the Graphy Community Platform. The team collaborated closely with their team throughout integration, with regular calls and dedicated Slack channels that helped set the integration up for success.

  • Uncapped Growth

With Dyte, the Graphy Community Platform can support an unlimited number of participants, eliminating Zoom's restrictive licensing model's limitations. This ensures that communities can thrive without technical constraints, fostering inclusivity and allowing for organic growth.

Dyte features used

  • Live video
  • Polls
  • Chat
  • Request to join stage


After implementing Dyte into the Graphy Community Platform, we have received overwhelmingly positive user feedback that reaffirms that the pain points have been addressed. We will continue to provide the top-notch user experience with the help of Dyte's cutting-edge live video solutions.
2 weeks
time to go live
concurrent users
minutes consumed/month

Looking ahead

Future Plans

Going forward Graphy Community Platform plans to further customize the live video experience for its users and introduce additional engagement features. The plan is to make the live experience more on brand and build features like leaderboards, restreaming, and composite video recording to deepen community interactions. 



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