Why you’ll love Dyte Live Video SDK

Every feature in our video SDK makes it easier for you to add low latency, live video experiences in your products.

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10,000 free minutes every month

Focus on building immersive experiences, leave the backend to us 

Dyte abstracts the complexities that go into building and managing real-time video so that you can focus on delivering the best user experience. 

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Audio/Video middleware

Enable users to apply effects and filters to their audio and video streams, enhancing their virtual interactions.


Get insights into duration, recorded minutes, participant count, and more, aiding in effective meeting management.


With webhooks you can notify users for various in-meeting events in real-time, like when someone joins a meeting.

Error handling

The SDK takes care of edge cases like network failures and device errors giving you time to focus on UX.

UI Kits

Get a ready-made library of UI components that makes it easy to build live experiences when using Dyte.

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No code preset editor

Define what activities participants can do in the live call without any code.


Create a better in-meeting collaboration space for users

With Dyte, you get out-of-box interactive tools that you can use to build spaces that bolster active collaboration and cater`ds to varied user preferences.

Multi screen sharing
File sharing
Virtual background
Multi screen sharing
File sharing
Virtual background
Noise cancellation
Private chat
Breakout rooms
Picture in Picture
Noise cancellation
Private chat
Breakout rooms
Picture in Picture
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Interactive features
Breakout rooms
Record + More

Make it easy for users to document their conversations

Add advanced recording features to your application with animated overlay graphics - like flying emojis and watermarks, flexible preset layouts, and more.


Dyte’s virtual bot user joins your meeting, records it, and then uploads it to Dyte's AWS S3 bucket for your use.

Composite recording

Capture audio, video, and interactions with Dyte plugins for all users in a meeting into a single file.

Transcript from recording

Transcribe meetings powered by Dyte in real-time, making it easier to capture important discussions.

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Empower users do more with AI-powered features

Use AI tools available in Dyte to help users extract more from their conversations — transform it, generate structured data from it, and provide value and insights.

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Live summaries

With one click, our AI bot summarizes your entire conversation. Ideal for those joining late or needing a quick recap.


Ditch manual note-taking. Our bot records detailed meeting minutes (MoMs) for your conversations.

Smart Agenda

Use smart agenda to propose the topics to be discussed in the call. Users can modify it if incorrect. The bot alerts everyone if the call strays.

Deep dive

Dig deeper into topics discussed in the meeting with automated prompts sent by our bot, and see extra information that may not have been talked about.

Private chat

Summarize the entire conversation in the meeting so far with one click. Ideal for those who need a quick recap.

AFK mode

Activate AFK mode to mute your mic and speakers. Upon return, the system updates you on the missed segments, keeping you informed.


Dyte AI captures live meeting transcripts with timestamped speaker tags. Review discussions by the speaker, content, or context.

Built-in use case expandability with plugins

Transform users’ conversations into dynamic, engaging experiences with Dyte’s ready-to-use plugins.

Need a custom plugin?Use our API

Building a plugin has never been easier with Dyte’s Plugin API. 

Go Live Everywhere

Reach your audience no matter where they are

HLS live streaming

Host tens of thousands of live viewers with an uninterrupted video experience no matter their network conditions.

RTMP output

Enable seamless live video re-streaming across popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and more.

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Offer the best possible live experience to your users

Dyte SDK provides all the tools you need to offer a user-centric and uninterrupted interaction.

Roles & permissions

Set user access levels and determine what actions they can perform.

Host controls

Tools enabling the meeting host to manage participants and meeting settings.

Self troubleshooter

In-app diagnostics to resolve common user issues on-the-fly.

Adaptive bitrate

Adjusts video stream quality in real-time based on connection speed.

Video quality

Define the clarity & resolution of the video being streamed based on the network.

Auto bandwidth

Changes data usage based on available network bandwidth.

Auto reconnect

Automatically make a participant rejoin the call if the connection is lost.

Pin a user

Highlight a specific participant, making them the primary view.

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Unlock great live experiences for everyone