Video SDK for Building Secured Telehealth Platforms

Give healthcare providers the ability to connect with patients in real-time through secure and reliable live video. 


Accessible healthcare for all

Help patients get access to the best care no matter where they are. 

Clinic-like experience

HD video with crystal-clear audio that immerses patients. Create waiting rooms, multi-doctor rooms, and post-visit spaces inside your app.

Reliable video delivery

Confidently reach out to patients across the globe no matter their network quality or the device they use. 

Connect securely

Dyte is HIPAA and GDPR compliance. Give patients the peace of mind they deserve so that they can share their challenges in peace. 


Features supporting care providers

Dyte Video SDK provides all the building blocks you need to create the best telehealth experience.  

Converse with patients in real time

Leverage our global network of CDNs that are purpose-built to deliver low-latency live video no matter where your patients are.

Make the virtual clinic yours

Use Dyte’s UI Kit to create a branded user interface or use the Core SDK to create a custom telehealth experience from the ground up.

Add custom plugins

Offer additional functionality to doctors like transcription, recording, and pull data from monitoring devices with our easy-to-use plugins. 

Rich analytics

Access detailed analytics on consultation metrics like patient interactions, call duration, and build custom event tracking as per your needs.


Dyte supports needs of all patients

Use our Video SDK and plugins to craft excellent virtual care and learning experience. 

Shape the user’s experience your way with our no-code UI builder or start building fresh with our code SDKs.

~ $500K
Engg. cost saved
Calls per week

7 times

faster development

2 weeks

time required to go-live

Dyte gave us a complete video calling solution as compared to the bare bones offered by others. This reduced our development timeline by 7x and speed up our go-to-market by almost 12 months. Dyte API documentation & support is one of the best!

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Sujit Karpe
Co-founder & CTO, iMocha

Essential tools for your virtual clinic


Any platform, any device;
all it takes is minutes

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