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How uses Dyte Video SDK to power Video Calls for Professionals

How uses Dyte Video SDK to power Video Calls for Professionals

At Dyte, we strive to give you a seamless experience with your video/audio communications. To deliver this experience, it is important for us to have customers and partners who share feedback with us and collaborate with us. We're glad to have on board helping us with such a great experience. Read from Dipti about her journey with Dyte in her own words., an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered 1:1 professional networking platform enabling seamless networking for professionals, investors, and business leaders, is an audacious attempt at disrupting a space led by a monolithic leader. At the heart of CoffeeMug is its ability to get its members to meet the right people at the right time and become game-changers in their professional journey.

More than 10000 Meeting Every Week

In a short span of 15 months, the platform has over 2,50,000 members, and over 10,000 meetings happen every week. As CoffeeMug founders, we were clear from the start that our focus was on building a pull-based system and all our energies were focused on building intelligent profiling and matching. The start being in Covid times, we knew meetings could only happen virtually and we were clear that while the meetings would be seamless, we would integrate an external solution for actually hosting the video meetings.

And then began the hunt and trials for solutions that could enable the first hundreds and then thousands of concurrent 1:1 meetings. We needed a live video SDK solution, which we could brand, configure, program, and integrate into our web, mobile web, and app platforms. And a solution that was affordable for a tiny start-up. When we started looking and experimenting with tools, it was disappointing to discover that large global tools were failing in the context of providing even 400 plus concurrent 1:1 meetings, especially on the mobile web. We cited WebRTC limitations and were told to move all meetings to the app. And that was something we were not ready to do since we knew that the first user would experience us on the web, especially the mobile web, and only then go to the app. Then via a mutual connection, we were introduced to the Dyte team. A team of bright, young, hungry founders and technologists who seemed to be building an easy-to-integrate video meeting SDK.

That’s how we started working with Dyte as our video SDK provider. At that time in May 2021, Dyte was also at a very early stage and the product was evolving. But they were excited to have us on board. Our requirement was unique in terms of concurrent 1:1 meetings at scale and on the mobile web, but I think the defining moment was when they decided that such a solution is a market need and would give them an edge. Since then, we have been partners in growth and at the heart of this journey has been working to solve live user problems, understand gaps & users’ needs and build to solve for the same.

I would be wrong to say that there have been no hiccups in this journey.  Of course, there have been hiccups and difficult moments, but the Dyte team has been committed to solving every problem and every need. The Dyte founders have been astute and know that every problem they solve for us, is an equal plus for the enterprise solution they build. But a heartfelt appreciation for how they have prioritized our needs every time. I am specifically highlighting two product points, one high on tech effort and one high on sensitivity to user need. Not taking the easy way out and also solving for a mobile web SDK that can deliver at scale must have been a tough call for the Dyte team, but one I am sure will pay off big time in the long run. And the second was to build what I call a privacy feature specifically for women members, on our ask. Low on tech but high on sensitivity to user needs. Both these reflect a very high degree of tech capability, user sensitivity, and future thinking in the Dyte founders and team.

Today as Dyte grows from strength to strength, we feel super proud and wish them all the best. UI

We would like to thank, Dipti for this feedback. If you haven’t heard about Dyte yet, head over to to learn how we are revolutionizing live video calling through our SDKs and libraries and how you can get started quickly on your 10,000 free minutes which renew every month. If you have any questions, you can reach us at or ask our developer community.

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