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How Crater Club Uses Dyte to Empower Their Live Video Streaming

How Crater Club Uses Dyte to Empower Their Live Video Streaming

At Dyte, we strive to give you a seamless experience with your video/audio communications. To deliver this experience, it is important for us to have customers and partners who share feedback with us and collaborate with us. We're glad to have Crater on board helping us with such a great experience. Read from Vignesh about his journey with Dyte in his own words.

One year ago, when we were ideating Crater Club one of our biggest concerns was how long it would take us to build. We played around with Agora and WebRTC and it felt like a lot to test out an idea that we had. As a startup, it's essential to be able to move fast and to keep experimenting. Building out our own streaming platform before we even knew if we were going to get users was just not an option.

Enter Dyte.

Hello Dyte with Meme

We had worked with Dyte before for our one-to-one meeting rooms. We shared with them our ideas and concerns and the team got to work. Within a few days, they were able to repurpose some of their existing infrastructure for our use case. In two weeks we were able to build our MVP and were able to take it live. I look back now to our first Dyte integration pull request. It amazes me what we were able to achieve with 300 lines of code.

Today, it's been more than a year working with the Dyte team. It's not always been smooth sailing and like with any platform there are bugs. But there are a few things that I'd like to highlight that stand out:

Highlight That Stand Out Dyte Team
  1. An extension of our team: Right throughout working with Dyte, it's never felt like a third-party service or a SaaS product. The Dyte team has almost felt like an extension of our team. I even once had a chance to pretty much write out a ticket like I was a PM and they were my tech team.
  2. Incredible Features: This goes without saying pretty much. The team at Dyte has put in a lot of thought about the features they've built out. From quizzes, polls, and RTMP output, to stream overlays they've got pretty much everything you might need. Every time we have gone to the Dyte team with a feature request they already have it or it's in the pipeline.
  3. Transparency: A number of companies talk about core values on their website. Very few are honest about those values. When Dyte mentions transparency as one of their values, they mean it. Right from the start, we've had nothing but honesty from them. Full visibility into their processes and open communication. It shows in the product too. They've made all the data available to us, even the times when their own services' quality was not ideal. This level of transparency has helped us quite a bit in our decision-making.
  4. Dev experience: Most plug-and-play solutions out there offer little to no flexibility. But Dyte is built differently. All this without losing its ease of use. A simple User Interface allowed us to select the features that we wanted. We then configured the view level and Dyte gave us a preset. With a few API calls our MVP setup was good to go. The incredible thing is the service is also super reliable. We've hardly had any downtime over the last year.
  5. The founders: I've interacted with all the founders over the last year. I can tell you that they are some of the most wonderful people in the startup community. They truly care about your product and your success, which trickles down to the entire team. In February 2022, we had some tech trouble, particularly around scaling and DevOps. The Dyte founders took it on themselves to help us out. Keep in mind this had nothing to do with Dyte at all and was something internal to our product. They offered to help and we spent hours talking to their DevOps team.

Now you are probably reading this on Dyte's blog page and you might think that I'm painting a rosy picture. And sure, this might be a tad sugarcoated. But the fact is this, we've built an MVP that our users love. Check it out for yourself at Crater.Club. For this, we definitely owe the Dyte team one!

Crater Club Video Screen

We would like to thank, Vignesh for this feedback. If you haven’t heard about Dyte yet, head over to to learn how we are revolutionizing live video calling through our SDKs and libraries and how you can get started quickly on your 10,000 free minutes which renew every month. If you have any questions, you can reach us at or ask our developer community.

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