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The Future of AI in Dyte

Dyte has the best video meeting AI

As a technology-first company, we have always been committed to staying up-to-date with the latest emerging technologies and their potential applications within our industry. We understand the importance of being at the forefront of these advancements, which is why we consistently monitor new trends and evaluate their potential impact on our business.

Admittedly, the tech industry has a reputation for getting caught up in hype bubbles, which can ultimately lead to disappointment and disillusionment (cue, crypto). For this reason, we approach new technologies with caution and skepticism, taking the time to thoroughly evaluate their potential benefits and drawbacks before investing significant resources.

One area that has caught our attention recently is artificial intelligence (AI). While there has certainly been a lot of buzz and hype surrounding AI, many experts agree that the current AI innovation seems different. Technology has advanced to a point where it has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our industry, from customer service to product development.

In the spirit of this blog, before we proceed, let’s use our Docs AI to help you understand everything you can currently do with Dyte AI!

Dyte Docs AI

As a result, we have been exploring various AI applications and are excited about the possibilities that this technology holds for our business. We believe that by embracing AI and staying ahead of the curve, we can improve our operations and provide better products and services to our customers.

Although we are still in the early stages of integrating it into our operations, we have identified three distinct phases in our Dyte AI journey, and we want to share them with you, our current and future customers.

How Dyte AI started?

As a team of hackers, we are comfortable dealing with black boxes, building on top of them, and then gradually unboxing them until we have a solid understanding of how they work. Thus, the readily available APIs from OpenAI have been an excellent fit for us. Our current goal is to explore the capabilities that this generation of AI unlocks while maintaining a high-level understanding so that we can make accurate assumptions when building on top of it.

To achieve this, we embarked on an AI month, during which a small team built several rapid prototypes, each incorporating different facets of AI into our products without altering their core offerings. We aimed to enhance the already incredible user experience we provide and gather feedback.

So far, the response has been immensely gratifying. For example, new developers are already using the AI-powered search for our Docs to get their answers directly instead of contacting us. Our recent Meeting AI is also helping us to be more focused and concise in our internal calls, and we are now extending this feature to early customers.

In the next few months, we will introduce several new features and product announcements. These include our AI-powered Chat SDK and collaborations with more companies like Krisp, developing innovative solutions using AI/ML.

Additionally, we will document our journey in a series of blogs detailing the experience of a few hackers learning and building on top of this game-changing technology while challenging the status quo.

How we’re going?

After AI month, we leverage our newfound knowledge to solve more complex problems and explore new ideas. One of our experiments involves using the Docs AI search experience to provide faster support to our clients. This is achieved by feeding their queries to our Docs AI and enabling automatic replies and resolution of doubt.

We also plan to collaborate with our customers to help them leverage the most out of our AI technology. Essentially, we are building a way for clients to interact with the data they generate. This will enable a variety of use cases that were previously impossible. For example, an ed-tech company can inquire about students' most common doubts while learning a topic. Similarly, a dating company can use it to understand how well a conversation went and then use it to build better recommendations.

We are also exploring the possibility of augmenting AI with our internal WebRTC systems. Although WebRTC and generative AI don’t exactly go together — like oil and water, according to Tsahi (also known as — one of the significant challenges in WebRTC is handling a varied bandwidth network with a lot of jitter and keeping the conversation going regardless of how the network behaves. Our initial ideas and experiments suggest that AI might be the answer here.

We look forward to sharing more technical blogs on how this goes.

Path Ahead

We are currently witnessing a paradigm shift in how people interact with computers. With the emergence of groundbreaking technologies such as Vector DBs, ChatGPT, Whisper AI, and others, it appears that we are well on our way towards creating a more comprehensive and advanced product that enables natural conversation with AI, much like we do with human beings. This product would have the potential to enhance human conversations by allowing AI to provide us with context and enable us to have more meaningful dialogue.

To achieve this, a significant amount of audio, video, and other data will need to flow back and forth between the cloud. This is precisely where WebRTC comes into play, as it will serve as the data superhighway on which many of these products will be built. As a fledgling company in the Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) sector, we are uniquely positioned to develop products enabling users to interact seamlessly with AI.

We are constantly progressing in this area and will keep you updated on our latest developments. Keep checking back for more updates and more exciting news!

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